• Fortune and Prosperity Faceted Hessonite Garnet Bracelet

    If you’re trying to manifest abundance, this Fortune and Prosperity Faceted Hessonite Garnet Bracelet is for you! This bracelet was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India with a .925 sterling silver clasp. It's alive with the energy of hessonite garnet, a traditional wealth stone...
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  • Natural Orange Calcite

    for passion and pleasure

    Unleash your passion with this Natural Orange Calcite from Mexico. Orange calcite is a stone of endurance, charisma, and sexual energy. It’s an aphrodisiac that activates the Sacral Chakra for intensified creativity, pleasure, and passion. Orange calcite is the perfect gem for artists and creatives....
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  • Tantra Bath Salt

    for attracting soul connections

    Since its creation, Tantra Bath Salt has been a customer favorite. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill bath salt - it’s a tool of otherworldly attraction magic. Every ingredient in this offering was carefully chosen to help you summon soulmate relationships and sacred unions. Don’t be surprised...
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  • Bonfire Perfume

    for warmth and vitality

    My Bonfire Perfume was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess and captures the essence of hot summer days and warm summer nights. No matter what time of year it is, its fiery, smoky scent will transport you to an outdoor fire pit, the center of...
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  • Tanzanian Sunstone Leadership Bracelet

    Ignite your inner radiance and authority with this stretch Tanzanian Sunstone Leadership Bracelet! It's made with gorgeous tumbled sunstone beads. Sunstone is a high-vibrational gem of creativity, enthusiasm, and awakening. It’s known as a leadership stone because it strengthens organizational skills, provides clarity during decision-making,...
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  • Natural Orange Andradite Garnet

    for grounded creativity

    This Natural Orange Andradite Garnet from Pakistan roots creative visions into Earth, giving them the support and stability they need to come to life. In general, garnet is a stone of protection, stability, and gentle grounding. It activates the Root Chakra, pulling your spirit back...
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  • Tangerine Quartz Point

    for creativity and passion

    If you want to evoke fire magic - the energy of passion, creativity, and drive - this Tangerine Quartz Point from Brazil will be your guide. I like to call tangerine quartz a “crystal aphrodisiac.” This gem activates the Sacral Chakra, boosting energy, pleasure, and...
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  • Creative Muse Orange Selenite Bowl with Gem Set

    In need of inspiration? This Creative Muse Orange Selenite Bowl with Gem Set is ready to help you ignite new levels of creativity, drive, and self-expression. This offering comes with a gorgeous bowl from Morocco - carved from orange selenite, a Sacral Chakra stone of...
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  • Natural Orange Grossular Garnet

    for creating prosperity

    When you follow your passion and pleasure, abundance naturally follows - and that’s precisely the message that this Natural Orange Grossular Garnet from Pakistan holds. This is my first time offering grossular garnet in its orange variety, and I’m so excited to share its prosperous...
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  • Infinite Healing Cube

    for overall wellness

    Activate infinite healing with this beautiful Infinite Healing Cube, custom-made just for Sage Goddess in Africa. Infinite stone is a combination of serpentine and chrysotile and holds the magic of both gems plus special properties of its own. It’s a powerful master healing crystal. Just...
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  • Faceted Sunstone Hexagon

    to step up to leadership

    This Faceted Sunstone Hexagon, custom-made for Sage Goddess in India, is the perfect tool to take the bull by the horns. This stone activates and heals the Sacral Chakra so you can recognize and realize your leadership potential. It’s a great tool for developing organizational...
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  • Peach Moonstone: Small Tumbled

    for manifesting creativity

    This Tumbled Peach Moonstone from India has us feeling inspired! That’s what peach moonstone is all about - it will help you dream up whatever you’re desiring to create so you can share your sparkle with the world. Peach moonstone is a powerful Sacral Chakra...
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  • Tumbled Bumblebee Jasper

    for creativity, will, and zest

    This Tumbled Bumblebee Jasper is a striking, rare piece of crystal magic. Bumblebee jasper is not easy to source because the mine is inside an active Indonesian volcano. Despite its name, it’s not jasper - it’s formed from a mixture of volcano lava and sediment....
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  • Take the Lead Sunstone Palm Stone

    to activate initiative

    You take the reins with this Take the Lead Sunstone Palm Stone from India in hand. Sunstone is a leadership stone that activates and heals the Sacral Chakra. It helps you recognize and manifest your potential and is a great tool for developing organizational skills....
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  • Passion and Power Carnelian Obelisk

    for firepower

    Tap into your fire, desire, and strength with this Passion and Power Carnelian Obelisk. This gorgeous piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess in India, and it really is a powerhouse! Carnelian, also known as red agate, is the gemstone version of caffeine. It’s empowering, increases...
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  • Healing Orgone Pyramid

    for vitality and rejuvenation

    Close your eyes and attune to your own energy. Are any parts of your body tense - as if energy is stuck or stagnant? This Healing Orgone Pyramid was custom-made for Sage Goddess in India, and it’s a powerful tool for easing discomfort and restoring...
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