• Song of Quan Yin Perfume

    for boundless love

    If you missed out on my Full Moon God and Goddess Series: Song of Quan Yin Set, now’s your chance to get in on some of the magic! My Song of Quan Yin Perfume is an alcohol-based fragrance blended with notes of petitgrain, gardenia, green...
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  • Soul’s Kiss Perfume

    for arousing sensuality and passion

    My Soul’s Kiss Perfume is BACK and this time in a bigger bottle for more sensuality and passion! This perfume is seriously a SEDUCTIVE potion that will intoxicate your pleasure centers! There’s just no other way to put it. I blended this tantalizing oil-based perfume...
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  • Roots of Love Perfume

    for anchoring into the origins of love

    Love thrives best when it has a steady and sturdy foundation to build upon, and my Roots of Love Perfume captures this truth in a bottle! This perfume was blended purely to help you anchor deeper into the origin of love. It’s a gorgeous scent...
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  • Wings of Love Perfume

    for empowering your desires

    Empower your desires and connections to soar with this enchanting Wings of Love Perfume! This transcendent blend features a very rare mango note, the star of the show, alongside petitgrain, pink lotus, rose, amber, jasmine, and a touch of oud. These notes are suspended in...
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  • Rose Quartz Octagon Tea Light Holder with Free Amatus Tea Lights

    Shine loving energies throughout your space with this Rose Quartz Octagon Tea Light Holder with Free Amatus Tea Lights. This gorgeous tea light holder is custom-made for SG and carved from rose quartz, the Mother of all love stones. This piece comes with a 4-pack...
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