• Natural Actinolite Cluster

      for cleansing & protection

      <p>This enchanting, incredibly rare gemstone both cleanses and protects the Root and Heart Chakras. It’s known for creating space for grounding and heart healing. In fact, actinolite is the most powerful mineral for psychic protection, next to aegirine!</p>
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    • 9 Chakra Healing Tin Set

      for complete energetic alignment

      <p>These tins correspond to one of the nine primary chakras — starting with the Earth Star Chakra and ending with the Soul Star Chakra. Each has a magical offering to help heal and activate its corresponding energy center.</p>
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    • Tumbled Copper, Cuprite & Chrysocolla

      to balance & restore your energy

      <p>This Tumbled Copper, Cuprite & Chrysocolla is such a potent offering for moving, clearing, and harmonizing energy. Work with this crystal to heal and harmonize your energy centers, bringing your spirit back into a state of balance.</p>
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    • Super 7 Polished Point with Stand

      for healing on all levels

      <p>This stunning offering features a polished super 7 tower and an accompanying golden-colored stand. Place this super 7 crystal in any place that could use a dose of wellness — on all levels.</p>
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    • Smoky Quartz Mini Moon Pendant

      for protection & lunar magic

      <p>It features a smoky quartz crystal carved in a crescent moon shape. A silver-colored metal alloy bail suspends this carving. Adorn yourself with this protective pendant to guard your aura and envelop yourself in Luna’s healing magic wherever you go.</p>
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    • Larvikite Generator

      for manifestation & wish fulfillment

      <p>Larvikite helps you focus your mind and manifest your visions by creating form out of thought. Carved into a generator, it becomes all the more powerful, raising energy within your body and sacred space.</p>
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    • Nuummite Massage Wand

      for bodywork magic

      <p>Nuummite is the Sorcerer’s Stone, perfect for exploring the dark spaces. It encourages you to ground deep within the Earth, connecting you to ancient wisdom and nature.</p>
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    • Cosmic Stone Pendulum

      for spiritual guidance

      <p>Cosmic stone is barite and carbon in quartz, an incredible combination that aids in spiritual exploration, celestial magic, and accessing angelic energies. Work with this pendulum to connect with your intuition and open yourself to spiritual guidance.</p>
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    • Tumbled White Dolomite

      for releasing negativity & grounding

      <p>White dolomite is a sedimentary stone primarily composed of calcium and magnesium — a combination that brings grounding, clarity, and spiritual growth. Work with this gemstone anytime you’re feeling scattered and feel yourself come back to balance.</p>
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    • Rosetta Jasper Pyramid

      for optimism & motivation

      <p>Rosetta jasper helps you release pessimistic thinking to make space for optimism, fresh ideas, and hope. When the power of a pyramid combines with this stone of positivity and promise, you have a vortex of possibility. Keep this piece in your space to harness its potent magic.</p>
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    • Natural Epidote with Axinite Cluster

      for healing & abundance

      <p>This formation combines epidote, a powerful stone that magnifies what you desire, and axinite, a stone that delivers healing medicine. Work with this offering to promote wellness and clear the passageway to a harmonious, fulfilled life.</p>
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    • Fire Calcite Sphere

      for total harmony & balance

      <p>Step into balance on all levels with this sphere. Fire calcite is found in Mexico and is a relatively recent discovery in the gem world. This stone glows with a gorgeous shimmer like a smoldering flame, filling your body and spirit with that same rejuvenating, centering energy.</p>
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    • Smoky Quartz Palm Stone

      for grounding & transmutation

      <p>Grounding. Protection. Transmutation. That’s the deep magic this Smoky Quartz Palm Stone brings. This stone is a talisman of purification that keeps energetic agents at bay and realigns any aspect of your life that may be out of balance.</p>
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    • Septarian Generator

      for honoring your journey & self-acceptance

      <p>In Latin, ‘septaria’ means ‘cracks,’ and I work with this stone to honor the cracks within. Every step and experience on my spiritual journey has led me to where I am today — and septarian helps me embrace all of them.</p>
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    • Shungite Pyramid

      for purity & protection

      <p>Shungite is almost pure carbon, which is a master healer. It’s the most powerful energetic filter. When carved into the shape of a pyramid, this stone becomes an even more powerful purifier.</p>
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    • Pastel Flower Agate Generator

      for peace & beauty

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Flower agate is a stone of tranquility and balance that reminds you to connect to the beauty of the moment, especially in these stunning pastel shades. It’s a type of agate with opaque inclusions of chalcedony that resemble flowers and add positive, peaceful vibrations. </span></p>
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