• Zoe’s Aquamarine for creativity and courage in expressing your Divine gifts

      $6.75 with coupon code
      I am so grateful to be offering these beautiful Zoe’s Aquamarine gems in honor of my little goddess, Zoe’s, birthday today! These pieces are naturally occurring hexagons anointed with Zoe’s Surprise Perfume, and the magic that they hold is simply incredible. The birthstone of March...
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    • Small Tumbled Bronzite

      for releasing stuck energies

      $1.50 with coupon code
      Are you ready to move forward? This Small Tumbled Bronzite from Brazil is here to help you let go with grace. Bronzite teaches the art of releasing what no longer serves you - whether it's a relationship that's run its course, a job stifling your...
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    • Large Tumbled Black Agate

      for peace, balance, and grounding

      $2.25 with coupon code
      Invite greater peace, balance, and grounding with this Large Tumbled Black Agate. When you’re feeling untethered or lost, a solid and steadying stone is the perfect medicine. Black agate is a Root Chakra stone that provides centering and safety. It’s a grounding gem that increases...
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    • Tumbled Black Obsidian for gentle grounding and spotlighting your inner strength

      $1.88 - $3.38 with coupon code
      These tumbled black obsidian stones are deceivingly complex, beautiful expressions of volcanic eruptions. Like all obsidian stones, these gorgeous specimens were formed from molten lava that cooled very quickly and had no time to form into glass. What I really enjoy about these stones is...
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