• Positive Thinking Rainbow Onyx Rabbits for good fortune and new beginnings

    Since ancient times, the rabbit has been hailed as a symbol of luck and prosperity. A harbinger of spring, the rabbit is synonymous with growth, fertility, and new beginnings. These Positive Thinking Rainbow Onyx Rabbits are made of rainbow onyx, a stone that encourages both...
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  • Rainbow Onyx Purification Altar Bowls for grounding, strength, and power

    I absolutely adore these Rainbow Onyx Purification Altar Bowls. Their vibration is so sweet and gentle – and they’re potent healers of the mind, body, and spirit. Rainbow onyx is a particularly special variety of onyx because it encompasses so many colors, each of which...
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  • Children’s Sparkly Magic Gem Set for holiday wonderment

    This Children’s Sparkly Magic Gem Set is the perfect introduction to crystals for your little one! If they’ve already started their gemstone collection, this set will only deepen their love for all things sparkly and mystical. And it makes the perfect stocking stuffer - each...
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  • Rainbow Onyx Inner Power Lamps for strength and endurance

    These Rainbow Onyx Inner Power Lamps are so magical. Rainbow onyx is a particularly special variety of onyx because it encompasses so many colors, each of which carries its unique properties. Onyx is a stone of inner strength and power, endurance and persistence. Rainbow onyx can...
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  • Fortune Boxes for infusing your wishes with luck, joy, and love

    Luck, joy, and love: these are the gifts of these rainbow onyx Fortune Boxes! These heart-shaped beauties are vibrating with sweet, fortune-boosting magic, and they’re ready to infuse your gems, herbs, or intentions with their lucky vibrations. Each of these boxes comes with a free...
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  • Desktop Mini Gemstone Bowls for Peace, Clear Communication, and Relaxation

    These desktop mini gemstone bowls are such a powerful source of peace. Nowadays, it can be very difficult to find a moment of tranquility, especially while juggling a busy schedule and interacting with others in the workplace. We all get stressed out and anxious while...
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  • Rainbow Onyx Moon Coyote to unleash your primal spirit

    These rainbow onyx moon coyotes do not wear masks. Wherever coyote appears, there is a story to be told. I heard the howling of the coyotes. I stopped and listened. It was there in that moment I was reminded of the realization that every moment is to be...
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  • Rainbow Onyx Rabbit with Rhodochrosite Egg for various intentions

    This rainbow onyx rabbit with rhodochrosite egg is such a special offering. Spring is right around the corner. With the Vernal Equinox on March 20th, we remember our Ostara celebrations – the origin of the Easter holiday. And so we must also recognize the symbolism...
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  • Natural Rainbow Onyx Ring Boxes to hold your precious gemstone jewelry

    I love using a carved gemstone box like this to hold my jewelry, because it infuses them with the energies of the stone and charges them accordingly. Onyx is a stone of inner strength, persistence, willpower, concentration, and positive thinking. It keeps you focused, re-aligning...
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