• Tumbled Black Lemurian Jade

      for psychic protection & inner journeying

      <p>Black Lemurian jade is a rare combination of jade, magnetite, pyrite, and quartz. It harnesses and magnifies the properties of these stones, helping to simultaneously nourish, rejuvenate, and center you.</p>
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    • Tucson Unpacking: Lithium Quartz Generator

      for peace & balance

      <p>Lithium quartz contains inclusions of natural lithium, which gives it its gorgeous pale pink/purple color. This gem balances and stabilizes your mood, enhances optimism, and promotes restful and restorative sleep.</p>
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    • Tucson Exclusive: Inner Mongolian Fluorescent Green Quartz Point

      for shamanic healing

      <p>Inner Mongolian quartz is a rare variety of quartz that holds a super high, buzzy frequency. This piece is extra special because it contains inclusions of calcite and chlorite, which give it its rich green color.</p>
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    • Tucson at Twilight: Natural Blue Amphibole Quartz Point

      for angel connection

      <p>We’ve offered you amphibole quartz before, but this is the first time we’ve offered it in this soft, angelic blue shade — so it’s an incredibly rare treat! Blue amphibole quartz gets its hue from wispy inclusions of crocidolite, which is a stone of the angels.</p>
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    • Polished Dreamcoat Lemurian Quartz Point

      for Divine Feminine wisdom & healing

      <p>This rare form of Lemurian quartz features a ‘dreamcoat,’ or overgrowth, of super 7. This crystal point has a core of Lemurian quartz, connecting you with higher dimensions and channeling Divine Feminine wisdom. And its super 7 dreamcoat infuses your life with otherworldly healing.</p>
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    • Intuitively Chosen Gemstone & Brass Sphere Stand

      to support your gemstones

      <p>This offering features a hand-carved gemstone stand with brass detailing. It has a tiered design crafted from stone sourced from India. You could receive yellow aventurine, red aventurine, or quartz.</p>
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    • Strawberry Quartz Charging Plate

      for joyful living & optimism

      <p>This charging plate is full of tender, soothing magic to help you relax and look on the bright side of life. Strawberry quartz inspires you to live joyfully and purposefully in the now.</p>
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    • Natural Pink Phantom Quartz Point

      for grounded transformation

      <p>Pink phantom quartz is extra-special because it features three distinct layers of growth — each holding its own crystal magic. Work with this piece to free yourself from negativity and find stability as you open your heart to new opportunities and blossom into your highest self.</p>
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    • Golden Rutilated Quartz Mini Generator

      for transformation

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Golden rutilated quartz brings major transformative energy and can draw the magic of change into all that surrounds you. Keep this generator in your space to channel courage to bring about changes as needed and increase your manifestation power. </span></p>
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    • Tourmalinated Quartz Mini Sphere

      for amplified protection

      <p>Tourmalinated quartz is a natural combination of quartz and black tourmaline, two individually potent stones that magnify their shielding power together. Carved into the shape of a sphere, this piece radiates protective energy in all directions.</p>
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    • Clear Quartz Cluster

      for amplifying your intentions

      <p>Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification. You can work with it to boost the energies of other stones or seal intentions.</p>
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    • Blue Angel Feather Phantom Quartz Sphere

      for spiritual expansion

      RARE gemstone alert! This stunning Blue Angel Feather Phantom Quartz Sphere is a treasure with radiant energy from realms beyond. Blue angel feather phantom quartz is a super rare combination of clear quartz and fine dumortierite crystal needle inclusions. To the unaided eye, this gem...
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    • Inner Mongolian Shamanic Quartz Point

      to amplify your spiritual journey

      Amplify your spiritual journey like never before with this Inner Mongolian Shamanic Quartz Point. This stunning point is a rare variety of clear quartz that holds a super high, buzzy frequency. It’s an incredibly powerful gemstone that comes from the inner regions of Mongolia, where...
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    • Stir Your Dreams to Life Quartz Spoon

      for meaningful daily ritual

      Swish some crystal magic into your everyday rituals with this hand-carved Stir Your Dreams to Life Quartz Spoon, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. It was originally part of our Discover Your Duali-Tea Gemini Full Moon Set, and we are so excited to offer it to...
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    • Angel Aura Clear Quartz Snowflake

      for celestial connection & intention sealing

      Make space for even more holiday magic with this Angel Aura Clear Quartz Snowflake, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Snowflakes are symbols of winter wonder, and almost everyone has a little snow in their holiday memories or visions. Each snowflake takes a unique path to...
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    • Tourmalinated Quartz Magician Earrings

      for protection

      Shield yourself from negative vibes with these gorgeous Tourmalinated Quartz Magician Earrings, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. These stunning earrings feature magician-cut tourmalinated quartz set in .925 sterling silver lever-back clasps. Tourmalinated quartz is quartz with black tourmaline, two individually potent stones that magnify their...
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