• Magician Bath Bomb

    for finding your true essence

    My Magician Bath Bomb is BACK and ready to add more magic and enchantment to your life. It was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and inspired by my soul card in the tarot, The Magician. Your soul path card reveals the inner essence...
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  • Tumbled Opalite

    for intuition and business success

    Are you searching for deeper insights on how to call more success into your life? Are you looking to develop your intuition? If so, this Tumbled Opalite is your coach in crystal form. Although man-made, opalite combines the qualities and magic of three gemstones -...
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  • Sacred Sandalwood Perfume

    for powerful grounding and deep healing

    My Sacred Sandalwood Perfume is BACK! So many of you love this powerfully grounding blend and I’m so grateful to offer it again! This fragrant elixir is a combination of several different colors and types of sandalwood from around the world. This perfume is rich,...
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  • Sandalwood Coil Incense

    for a calm mind and gentle grounding

    If your mind thinks its sole job is to run a million miles a minute, this Sandalwood Coil Incense is your offering. I’m very excited to be offering this coil incense again! It’s custom-packaged just for SG and reminiscent of the snake – a  that...
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  • Large Cedar Smudge Bundles for ancient wisdom and purification

    Smoke out the negativity and bring forth the ancient wisdom with these Large Cedar Smudge Bundles! Associated with the North and believed by the Druids to be a relative of the Tree of Life, cedarwood possesses an energy that’s deep, ancient, and protective. Cedar brings...
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  • Velvet Sheen Obsidian Pebble to stimulate intuition

    Velvet sheen obsidian, also known as peacock obsidian, is deep and mysterious. Work with this extra rare form of obsidian to stimulate your intuition and psychic awareness, to facilitate communication with higher beings, for shamanic or soul journeying, to facilitate astral travel of any kind,...
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  • Tanzanite Earrings for enhanced spiritual perception

    Goddesses, these tanzanite earrings are very rare. And they are easily one of the most elegant gemstone adornment offerings I have ever sourced. Tanzanite is nearly extinct. It comes from Tanzania, Africa, and I can only secure a few specimens at a time. The quality...
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