• Tumbled Prasiolite

    for powerful healing and angelic connection

    $ 1.50
    This Tumbled Prasiolite is back in stock and a loving reminder we never have to heal alone! Prasiolite is a master healer of the physical and subtle bodies, as well as a healer of spaces. You can bring a piece into an environment and claim...
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  • Earth Element Crystal Grid

    for restoring your connection with Gaia

    $ 29.00
    If you’re seeking more grounding and earthly connection, this Earth Element Crystal Grid is your offering! This potent set comes with a beautiful gridding board printed with sacred geometric patterns, a clear quartz generator, six clear quartz points, AND six grounding and protective gemstones. The...
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  • Aquarius Gem Set for inspired change and liberation

    $ 19.00
    This offering is for my free-thinking, innovative, and non-conforming Aquarians! And even if you’re not born under this sign and want to connect with the qualities that make this air sign so unique, then my Aquarius Gem Set is for you. This is the next...
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