• Selenite & Amethyst Peacock Feather Smudge Fan with Stand

      for purification

      <p>This peacock feather smudge fan is perfect for invoking the winds of change. Feather smudge fans are great to work with during ceremonies to clear low vibrations and move stuck energies, creating space for peace, clarity, love, and inspiration to circulate freely.</p>
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    • Athena’s Abundance Intention Candle with Peacock Lariat

      for manifestation

      <p>You’ll receive an intention candle with a blend of rose, jasmine, amber, oud, musk, and patchouli for manifesting the abundance you seek, and a peacock lariat for harnessing your confidence and personal power.</p>
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    • Royal Peacock Beauty Bag Set

      for radiant confidence

      Let your radiant confidence shine with this Royal Peacock Beauty Bag Set. More than anything, beauty is a matter of how you feel about yourself. When we feel beautiful on the inside, it shows on the outside! Working with the peacock spirit animal encourages you...
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    • Golden Peacock Tea Light Holder

      for radiant confidence

      Invite radiant, confident vibrations into your space and spiritual practices with this Golden Peacock Tea Light Holder. This custom-made tea light holder is made of a golden-colored metal alloy and adorned with blue, green, and purple decorative glass gems. Shaped like the majestic peacock, it’s...
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    • Peacock Intention Tea Lights

      for protection and insight

      My Peacock Intention Tea Lights are back! They’re alive with all of the deep magic and mystery the peacock spirit animal has to offer. The peacock is the insignia of Sage Goddess and the animal protector of Hera — the bringer of peace, medicine, protection,...
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    • Sound Healing Peacock Rain Disk

      for inspiration

      I’m so excited to share this gorgeous Sound Healing Peacock Rain Disk with you! It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in Bali, and it features a vibrant peacock - a symbol of self-confidence, self-love, and authenticity. This rain disk was made with natural goat...
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    • Anniversary Peacock Labradorite Arm Cuff

      for hope and confidence

      Strut your stuff and radiate confidence with this Anniversary Peacock Labradorite Arm Cuff. I’m super excited to bring you this offering — we’ve never had anything like it at SG before! Custom-made just for Sage Goddess for our 12th anniversary, this offering is made from...
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    • Tanzanite Adorned Peacock Sphere Holder

      to support your gems

      Support your gemstone treasures with energies of confidence and wisdom with this NEW Tanzanite Adorned Peacock Sphere Holder! Sphere stands play a crucial role in magic — they create a safe space for your precious gems. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this copper-colored resin stand...
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    • Honor Your True Colors Peacock Napkins with Amazonite Holder

      You all know how much I ADORE the peacock, and now you can bring its magic into your own home! These Honor Your True Colors Peacock Napkins with Amazonite Holder are perfect to spark authentic and vibrant conversations around the dining room table. Bring a...
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    • Peacock Titanium Aura Black Kyanite Ring

      for confidence

      Let go of fear and show your true colors with this Peacock Titanium Aura Black Kyanite Ring — here to kick off SG’s 12th anniversary celebrations in a spectacular fashion! Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this adjustable .925 sterling silver ring features a peacock design...
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    • Peacock Garden Quartz Necklace and Perfume Duo

      for inspiration

      It’s SG’s 12th anniversary, and this Peacock Garden Quartz Necklace and Perfume Duo is the perfect way to celebrate! This stunning offering includes an engraved garden quartz necklace and a bottle of my Purple Peacock Perfume. Each item calls on the energy of the peacock...
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    • Pyrite Peacock Priestess Wand

      for personal empowerment

      Express yourself with confidence with this Pyrite Peacock Priestess Wand! This magical offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and features a pyrite cluster sourced from China at the wand's point. Around the wand are exquisite details of garnet sourced from India and amethyst sourced...
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    • Hand-Painted Wooden Peacock Egg

      for vibrant self-expression

      Rise into the light of your most powerful and authentic self with this beautiful Hand-Painted Wooden Peacock Egg. This egg is such a gorgeous offering, hand-painted by skilled artists in India. When Peacock shows up, get ready to show all your colors and fan the...
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    • Show Your True Colors Peacock Zircon Necklace

      Strut your stuff with this NEW Show Your True Colors Peacock Zircon Necklace. This stunning necklace features a purple peacock design embellished with clear zircon sourced from China on a classic nickel-free, gold-treated copper pendant for channeling and conducting positive energy flow. It includes a...
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    • Priestess Peacock Pendulum

      for vibrant spiritual wisdom

      Uncover the answers you seek with this stunning Priestess Peacock Pendulum! This sterling silver pendulum was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. It features a faceted quartz point and green onyx for endurance and self-mastery, blue kyanite for alignment and balance, iolite for direction and clarity,...
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    • Peacock Feather Wax Seal Stamp

      for sealing intentions

      Seal your letters and rituals in the old ways with this Peacock Feather Wax Seal Stamp. No matter how many years go by, there’s still beauty in old-fashioned paper mail and this stamp is a beautiful way to add a touch of magic to all...
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