• Peacock Tray with 7-Chakra Gem Set

    for energetic balance

    $ 44.00
    Show off your true colors with this Peacock Tray with 7-Chakra Gem Set! The peacock feather is the insignia and essence of Sage Goddess, and it’s captured beautifully in this custom offering. The peacock spirit animal encourages you to fan the flames of creativity and...
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  • Natural Peacock Ore

    for magic and transformation

    $ 0.75
    This Natural Peacock Ore from Mexico is filled with the magic of rebirth and transformation. Everyone needs peacock ore in their gem collection. Peacock ore, also known as the Witch’s Stone, is a Third Eye Chakra gem that carries powerful ancient wisdom and helps you...
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  • Priestess of Visions Labradorite Peacock Ring

    $ 99.00
    It’s Sage Goddess’ tenth anniversary! What better way to celebrate than to honor your inner priestess with this gorgeous Priestess of Visions Labradorite Peacock Ring? This adjustable, .925 sterling silver ring was hand-carved just for this momentous occasion. These are limited edition - special just...
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  • X Anniversary Peacock Stamp

    for sealing letters and intentions

    $ 12.00
    Technology’s amazing, but what happened to old-fashioned snail mail? This X Anniversary Peacock Stamp is a beautiful way to add a touch of magic to all of your handwritten letters. We had it custom-made just for Sage Goddess’ 10th anniversary, and it features our insignia,...
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  • X Anniversary Peacock Tray with Gem Set

    for healing and wisdom

    $ 16.00$ 49.00
    It’s Sage Goddess’ 10th anniversary! This X Anniversary Peacock Tray with Gem Set is just one of the many limited-edition, custom-made offerings we’re launching to celebrate. It comes with a beautiful ceramic tray carved into a peacock, the Sage Goddess insignia - plus a set...
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  • Wise and True Peacock Pendant

    to celebrate our 10-year anniversary

    $ 126.00
    It’s Sage Goddess’ tenth anniversary! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with this Wise and True Peacock Pendant. This oxidized .925 sterling silver pendant was custom-designed in India just for us, and it’s beautifully adorned with iolite, amethyst, and green onyx...
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  • Peacock Offering Plate

    for honoring your creative and bravest self

    $ 21.00
    You all know I adore the peacock so much that I made it part of the SG brand. So, of course, I couldn’t be more excited to offer you this Peacock Offering Plate! This stunning brass plate is hand-painted and will make a beautiful addition...
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  • Hand Painted Wooden Peacock Eggs for renewal and self-expression

    $ 14.00
    Rise into the light of your most powerful and authentic self with these beautiful Hand Painted Wooden Peacock Eggs. These eggs are such a gorgeous offering, hand-painted by skilled artists in India. When Peacock shows up, get ready to show all your colors and fan...
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