• Mars Planetary Gemstone Duo

    for energy and tenacity

    Get up and go after what you want with this Mars Planetary Gemstone Duo. This power-packed duo comes with tumbled fire agate and tumbled bloodstone – two gems that connect with the red planet. Mars represents the part of you that’s driven to go after...
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  • Winter Vixen Intention Tea Lights

    to turn up the heat

    Baby, it’s cold outside, and my Winter Vixen Intention Tea Lights will turn up the heat (wink, wink). I created these especially to remind you that even in the winter season, you can always feel beautiful and sensual and let your inner sparkle shine. These...
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  • Spinel in Matrix Manifestation Vogel

    Watch your deepest visions come to life with this Spinel in Matrix Manifestation Vogel! The stone for this Vogel was sourced from India. Spinel is a crystal that facilitates ease in the manifestation process and helps you go with the flow, allowing energies to manifest...
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  • Palo Santo Sacral Chakra Mala

    to awaken creative joy

    Activate your creative channels with this Palo Santo Sacral Chakra Mala. The beads for this powerful mala are made from the heart of the tree with the highest grade palo santo from Peru and will keep their essence for a very long time. There are...
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  • The Lovers Mini Oracle Deck

    for heartfelt wisdom

    Seeking answers in the realm of love? If so, The Lovers Mini Oracle Deck is for you! This extraordinary deck was originally part of The Lovers Ritual Set - a custom Sage Goddess offering - and now, its magic is available on its own. It...
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  • Oracle Oud Bakhoor

    for enhanced awareness and intuition

    Open your senses and connect with your inner knowing with my BRAND NEW Oracle Oud Bakhoor. This offering was hand-crafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes of oud and musk to clear your mind and open up your Third Eye Chakra. This fragrant...
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  • Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Sterling Silver Perfume Bottle Necklace

    for on-the-go aromatherapy

    Take your favorite scents on the go with this NEW Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Sterling Silver Perfume Bottle Necklace. This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and features a glass bottle with a .925 sterling silver base and screw cap adorned with round faceted...
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  • Find Your Passion Ruby Hexagon

    for enthusiasm

    In need of a little extra motivation this holiday season? This Find Your Passion Ruby Hexagon is here to help open your heart and spark your inner flame. The stone for this polished hexagon was sourced from Madagascar. Ruby is a gem of passion, intensity,...
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  • Tangerine Quartz Passion Point

    for fire magic

    If you want to evoke fire magic – the energy of passion, creativity, and drive – this Tangerine Quartz Passion Point from Brazil will be your guide. Tangerine quartz is one of the best crystal aphrodisiacs. It enhances creativity, passion, and sex drive. Tangerine quartz...
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  • Fire Agate Passionate Heart

    for motivation and vitality

    If you’re ready to pick up those goals and dreams you left on the back burner, this NEW Fire Agate Passionate Heart is here to ignite the flame! Fire agate is your kick-ass decision-making, action-taking partner in life. It will push you forward in the...
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  • Sacra Body Butter

    for awakening sensuality and pleasure

    Tap into the power of your primal self and embrace your sensuality with my Sacra Body Butter, handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. This seductive body butter is inspired by and infused with my Sacra Perfume, a raw and sexy scent named for the...
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  • “Twin Flame” Mini BeeBop

    to unite your whole self

    It’s BACK! Integrate all aspects of your soul with this "Twin Flame" Mini BeeBop. This custom-made piece is part of our exclusive collection of engraved glass palm stones that we at Sage Goddess have come to refer to as ‘beebops.’ They’re little pops of color...
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  • Natural Oregon Sunstone

    for purpose based leadership

    Step into your power with this vibrant Natural Oregon Sunstone! The stone was sourced from Oregon, USA. Oregon sunstone activates the Solar Plexus Chakra. Traditional sunstone resonates with the Sacral Chakra and is about leadership. Oregon sunstone is about leadership with a purpose. Sunstone is...
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  • Rachel’s Magic Perfume

    for passion and Capricorn wisdom

    I’m so proud to highlight one of our talented Team Sage Goddess members, Rachel! She created a beautiful blend, and we’re all so in love with it I decided to share it with our SG community. Introducing Rachel’s Magic Perfume, handcrafted right here at SG...
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  • Mini Natural Ruby

    to attract love and ignite passion

    Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but this Mini Natural Ruby brings the fire you seek! This stone was sourced from Afghanistan. Ruby is the gem of passion, intensity, Eros love, and enthusiasm. It helps attract love or reignites the flame that’s already there,...
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  • Peace and Beauty Flower Agate Palm Stone

    for serenity

    It’s BACK! Harness joy and serenity with this Peace and Beauty Flower Agate Palm Stone. The stone for this beautiful offering was sourced from Madagascar and features natural variations of pink, white, and green hues. Flower agate activates the Heart Chakra and is a gentle...
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