• Deep Roots Infused Palo Santo

    to center your being

    Get ready to experience serious grounding, clearing, and connection with this Deep Roots Infused Palo Santo. It’s the latest in our collection of signature infused palo santo sticks, and features one of my newest scents: Deep Roots Perfume, blended with notes of styrax, pink peppercorn,...
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  • Euthenia Prosperity Infused Palo Santo

    Clear the path to abundance with my Euthenia Prosperity Infused Palo Santo! This offering combines the purifying magic of palo santo with Euthenia, the ancient Greek goddess of prosperity and abundance. Each palo santo stick is engraved with “Euthenia” on one side and “Prosperity” on...
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  • Simple Ritual – Basic Smudge Set

    for clearing your space

    Clear out stagnant energy and raise the vibrations with this Simple Ritual - Basic Smudge Set. This set features an abalone shell, Himalayan salt crystal, white sage bundle, palo santo stick, selenite stick, tumbled garnet, “Protection” BeeBop, and a AAA-Grade clear quartz point for magnification....
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  • Deluxe Smudging Set

    for clearing and setting your sacred space

    Get your vibrations set up for SUCCESS with this Deluxe Smudging Set. Smudging is a critical first step in any sacred ritual, as well as an important way to complete and seal sacred work. This ancient practice clears low vibrations and stagnant energies. This set...
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  • Winter Extravaganza Crystal Candy Dishes

    for honoring the season

    Bring a little sweetness to this holiday season with these Winter Extravaganza Crystal Candy Dishes without the added calories (wink)! These candy dishes are a fun and beautiful offering and are filled with wonderful goodies! You’ll receive a rainbow-colored glass candy jar with lid, a...
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  • Pearl Shells with Rose and Oud Infused Palo Santo for raising the vibe

    These Pearl Shells with Rose and Oud Infused Palo Santo are absolutely beautiful! If you’re looking to raise the vibration and infuse your space with a little extra magic, then this offering is for you. These shells make the perfect altarpieces and will help you...
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  • Sage Goddess Signature Spring Cleaning Kit to usher in the new

    Can you feel the energy of spring cleaning in the air as we reach warmer months here in the Northern Hemisphere? This is a great time to release and let go to make room for all that’s seeking to be birthed through you. And to...
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  • SG Smudging Tools to purify and raise the vibrations in your sacred space

    I’m so excited to share these beautiful SG Smudging Tools with you - I, myself, am absolutely obsessed with smudging. I smudge daily to purify my space, to clear low vibrations and dispel of stuck energies. Smudging is a critical first step in any sacred...
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  • Palo Santo Sticks (Double Packs) – Pack of 6

    Qty- 6 x double pack palo santo sticks (12 sticks in total) Suggested Retail Price- $6 Ingredients- palo santo, sari silk Enhance your healing and clearing power with these palo santo sticks. This potent talisman will aid in spiritual work and raise vibrations, keeping you...
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  • Sacred Journey Medicine Pouches for keeping your most beloved gems and magical tools safe

    Goddesses, priestesses, magicians, energy workers, sorcerers, and shamans, these Sacred Journey Medicine Pouches are such a special offering! Just look at the craftsmanship, the softness, the density of this delectable fabric. These velcro pouches breathe and radiate true artisan skill, born from a labor of...
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