• Ultimate Protection Black Tourmaline Faceted Spheres for extra security

      When we’re in the middle of deep work, transformation, or growth of any kind, it’s important to keep ourselves and our energy safe and secure. That’s where these Ultimate Protection Black Tourmaline Faceted Spheres come in. These are different from most spheres we offer here...
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    • Tucson Exclusive: Natural Paraiba Kyanite

      for balance

      Look at what we JUST unpacked from the Tucson Gem Show! This Natural Paraiba Kyanite from Brazil is a rare treat! Paraiba kyanite is a special type of blue kyanite - it contains black tourmaline, graphite, and clear quartz. Blue kyanite is the most powerful...
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    • Tumbled Pink Moss Agate

      for gentle healing, acceptance, and forgiveness

      Could you use a bit more love and self-acceptance? If so, this Tumbled Pink Moss Agate is for you. Pink moss agate is gentle and emits a soft, tender, and loving vibration. This stone is like your favorite blankie in crystal form. Pink moss agate...
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