• Heavenly Healer Prase Quartz Sphere

      for wellness

      Invoke powerful nurturing medicine with this Heavenly Healer Prase Quartz Sphere. Prase quartz is a RARE and strong Heart Chakra gemstone that brings immense joy and happiness while helping you release negative feelings. It gets its rich green color from actinolite inclusions, which also add...
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    • Banded Green Calcite Obelisk

      for natural healing and harmony

      Welcome in natural healing, harmony, and deeper wisdom with this Banded Green Calcite Obelisk sourced from Pakistan. Banded green calcite resonates strongly with the Heart Chakra and brings you to a calm emotional state. It helps still the mind so you can attain inner endurance,...
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    • Chakra Healing Green Kyanite Obelisk

      for total alignment

      This Chakra Healing Green Kyanite Obelisk from Pakistan brings powerful balance, alignment, and wellness. I’ve studied the chakra system for years, observing how chakra imbalances affect the mind, body, and spirit. What I’ve learned is that any challenge, illness, or dis-ease of any kind can...
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    • Adi Shakti Infinite Palm Stones for primal power and kundalini awakening

      Awaken kundalini energy and connect to your primal power with these Adi Shakti Infinite Palm Stones. Each palm stone is engraved in golden color with the mantra Adi Shakti, which translates to “I bow to the primal power.” They also hold the magic of infinite,...
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