• Natural Cherry Tanzurine

    for confidence and creativity

    Prepare for some serious creative, empowering, life-giving vibes with this Natural Cherry Tanzurine! This stone is so rich and energetic that I’ve brought it BACK! It works in the physical realm and assists with transformation. Cherry tanzurine is a stone of vitality, confidence, creativity, and...
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  • Natural Green Apatite

    for overall well-being and health

    Invite greater health and overall well-being into your life with this Natural Green Apatite! Green apatite is a stone for wellness. It activates the Heart Chakra, supports healthy weight loss, and regulates metabolism. If you’re looking to set healthier goals and want some crystal support...
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  • Natural Nigerian Orange Spessartine Garnet

    My, my, my - isn’t this Natural Nigerian Orange Spessartine Garnet GORGEOUS?! Spessartine garnet is traditionally a reddish-orange color and to see it in such a rich orange state is a treat - just like watching the sunset. No wonder it’s known as the “garnet...
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  • Natural Aquamarine

    for emotional depth

    If you missed out on the August 2022 Crystal Masters Monthly Tools Subscription, now’s your chance to get in on the magic! This Natural Aquamarine was sourced from Pakistan, and it’s the same stone from the Crystal Master’s Pakistan set this month! Aquamarine is a...
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  • Natural Pakimer Diamond

    for elevated vibrations

    This gorgeous Natural Pakimer Diamond is BACK to keep your vibration high! Pakimer diamond has the same properties and qualities as Herkimer diamond except it’s mined in Pakistan instead of Herkimer, New York. This pakimer diamond was sourced from the Drazanda area of Pakistan, an...
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  • Natural Lodestone

    for attracting and manifesting your desires

    Energetic. Strong. Magnetic. These are the qualities of this Natural Lodestone. Lodestone, also known as magnetite, is the stone of attraction. Its natural magnetism draws energies to it, attracting and capturing positivity. As a result, lodestone is also a gem of manifestation. If there’s anything...
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  • Natural Green Flower Mica

    for healing on every level and ancestral wisdom

    This rare Natural Green Flower Mica looks like it grew straight out of a magical garden! The stunning shape of these gems reminds me of a flower, ready to bloom in wholeness and love. This isn’t just any mica, it’s chlorite-bearing mica, which makes it...
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  • Natural Rhodonite

    for compassion and heart healing

    A gentle stone of compassion for yourself and others, this Natural Rhodonite sourced from Brazil is a crystal that opens your heart and mind to tenderness and selfless actions. Rhodonite assists in revealing your inner gifts and draws out your hidden talents to bring out...
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  • Natural Honey Calcite

    for healing the Mother wound

    If you need a boost in positivity plus mother wound healing, this Natural Honey Calcite from Pakistan is your gem. Honey calcite promotes creativity and optimism and supports the flow of unconditional love. This nurturing gem brings gentle protection and is known to heal any...
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  • Natural Hessonite Garnet

    for long-term wealth

    Get ready to create some serious wealth with this Natural Hessonite Garnet sourced from Pakistan! Hessonite garnet is a traditional wealth stone that’s heralded for bringing prosperity. It’s also a traveler’s stone that provides protection. This piece is stunning and is sure to become part...
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  • Amplify Your Psychic Abilities Natural Dumortierite in Quartz

    If you’ve been wanting to enhance your intuition and connect with your true inner wisdom, then this Amplify Your Psychic Abilities Natural Dumortierite in Quartz, sourced from Brazil, is the offering for you. Dumortierite opens the Third Eye Chakra for expanded vision and is also...
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  • Natural Faden Quartz

    for mending broken relationships

    This Natural Faden Quartz from Pakistan is the perfect crystal to work with for relationship healing. Faden quartz is the stone of healing and connection for spiritual, social, and familial relationships. This gem even shows signs of connection in its formation, with the fibrous threads...
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  • Natural Black Kyanite Spear

    for protection and grounding

    Feel safe and guarded against low vibrations with this Natural Black Kyanite Spear from Brazil. Black kyanite is a powerful clearing, protective, and grounding stone that activates the Earth Star Chakra and replenishes your energy. Black kyanite is the only stone that can clear negative...
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  • Natural Dumortierite

    for divine inspiration and wisdom

    Are you ready for higher wisdom and inspiration? Then this Natural Dumortierite from Brazil is for you. Dumortierite opens the Third Eye for expanded vision and is also a powerful bringer of peace and patience. It serves as a potent source of comfort for anyone...
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  • Natural Afghanite

    for seeing beyond perceived limitations

    New stone alert! And this one’s powerful! This Natural Afghanite is a Third Eye Chakra gem that helps you let go of control and realize your personal limitations are an illusion. It’s a rare mineral that got its name from where it was discovered: Afghanistan....
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  • Natural Green Calcite

    for healing and nature connection

    This Natural Green Calcite from Mexico is a master healer that draws its power straight from Mother Nature. Green calcite is a Heart Chakra crystal that radiates soothing, peaceful energy and connects you with the faerie realm. It stills the mind and brings relaxation, compassion,...
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