• Brass Altar Bell

    for new beginnings, clarity, and confidence

    Ring in the new year with clarity and assurance with this gorgeous Brass Altar Bell. This pure brass bell was handmade in India exclusively for Sage Goddess and is a beautiful work of craftsmanship and heart. Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc. It...
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  • Portal Opening Balinese Tambourine

    for journeying

    Do you like to incorporate sound into your sacred circles or rituals? If so, then you’ll love this Portal Opening Balinese Tambourine. This wooden tambourine is adorned with 2 feet of gorgeous green recycled sari silk from India. Just as a snake clings to the...
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  • Handcrafted Medicine Drum

    for sound healing

    Bring the magic and power of sound healing into your practice with this incredible Handcrafted Medicine Drum! Handcrafted just for Sage Goddess by an artist in Pakistan, this drum comes with a mallet and is made from mulberry wood and calfskin. The mulberry tree is...
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  • Kalimba Thumb Piano

    for music and animal medicine

    Revitalize your music practice and sound rituals with this Kalimba Thumb Piano from Indonesia. Kalimbas are a part of the musical family of instruments called mbiras, originally from Africa. They’re made of wood and metal tines that act as the keys that produce sound. Kalimbas...
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  • Ganesha Altar Bell

    for clearing the way to greater success

    Go ahead and add a little music and clarity to your home and altar decor with this Ganesha Altar Bell! This solid brass bell features a carving of Lord Ganesha, the Hindu god of fortune and remover of obstacles. This altar bell is a ghungroo...
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  • Hand Painted Balinese Xylophones for bringing joyful vibrations

    Bring sound healing to your sacred circles or spiritual work with these beautiful Hand Painted Balinese Xylophones. These pieces are traditional Balinese metal and wood xylophones and are intricately hand-painted with gorgeous patterns. Xylophones have been part of traditional Balinese ceremonies and are still played...
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  • Indonesian Hand-Painted Coconut Rattles for ceremony and circles

    These Indonesian Hand-Painted Coconut Rattles are such a fun treat! Each one is uniquely painted, displaying beautiful designs. Rattles have been used by our ancestors in spiritual ceremonies and during celebratory events. Music has always been a centerpiece in many cultures, bringing people together and...
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  • Shamanic Rattle Drums for beautiful healing music

    These shamanic rattle drums are meant to be hand-held, and are played by twisting them back and forth, to allow the wooden beads to hit both sides of the drum. Play along to your favorite meditation or shamanic music, or play solo, as you feel...
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  • Dorje Bells to invoke the goddess and call you to ritual

    This listing is for those of you enrolled in my Magical Sabbatical class. To learn more about the classes I offer and to register, click here. Bells are a special and important magical tool; one which everyone who practices ritual or holds sacred space needs...
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