• Polished Congo Citrine Crystal

    for mega-prosperity

    Manifest prosperity and wealth with this Polished Congo Citrine Crystal. This mega abundance gem comes from the most remote regions of the Congo. Citrine is a powerful stone of manifestation and money magic and the perfect tool to work with for all things abundance. Also...
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  • Beginner Gemstone Duo: Creativity

    for greater expression

    Sage Goddess is growing, and we have so many people in our community new to the world of gemstones, their properties, and how to work with them. This Beginner Gemstone Duo: Creativity is next in the series of beginner gemstone duo sets we’re rolling out...
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  • Angel Aura Rose Quartz Natural Sided Generator

    Attract love with the help of your celestial guides with this beautiful Angel Aura Rose Quartz Natural Sided Generator from Brazil. Angel aura rose quartz is a Heart Chakra crystal that’s perfect for heart healing and manifesting all kinds of love. This gem is created...
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  • Herkimer and Charoite Spiritual Warrior Ring

    for inner strength

    Tap into your inner strength and raise your vibrations with this Herkimer and Charoite Spiritual Warrior Ring, custom-made for SG in India. This ring is adjustable and set in .925 sterling silver. It features a polished charoite and a natural faceted Herkimer diamond. The size...
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  • Angel Aura Amethyst Heart Cluster

    for love and peace

    This Angel Aura Amethyst Heart Cluster from Brazil is a gorgeous reminder that you’re protected, supported, and always anchored in Source. Angel aura amethyst is created when platinum, silver, and gold are bonded to amethyst. With the iridescent reflection of brilliant rainbows, angel aura amethyst...
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  • Lepidolite Good Mood Moon

    for emotional well-being

    If your spirits could use a boost, this sweet Lepidolite Good Mood Moon from Brazil is for you! These pieces are incredibly unique and no two moons are the same! Although some are solid lepidolite, many have interesting inclusions such as pink tourmaline for unconditional...
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  • Lemurian Blue Calcite Generator

    for peace and healing

    Invite serenity and healing with this Lemurian Blue Calcite Generator from Argentina. This gorgeous piece comes in A-Grade and B-Grade stone quality. Lemurian blue calcite is a magical gem that brings high spirits and tranquility. It’s one of the key gemstones for spiritual ascension with...
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  • Not Your Mother’s Holy Cow Amazonite Double Terminated Wand

    Harness the incredible energy of this SUPER special Not Your Mother's Holy Cow Amazonite Double Terminated Wand from China! We offered this gemstone before in generator form, and now you get to experience it in this double-terminated version. This unique wand includes so many interesting...
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  • Natural Chrome Chalcedony

    for emotional healing

    If you’re in need of some emotional healing, this Natural Chrome Chalcedony from Turkey is for you. Chrome chalcedony, also known as mtorolite, is a chromium-rich variety of chalcedony. It resonates with the Heart Chakra, providing emotional support and balance. Chrome chalcedony encourages an open...
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  • Clear Quartz Energy Key

    to unlock and align the chakras

    Unlock your chakras with this Clear Quartz Energy Key. I designed this special crystal healing tool and it was custom-made just for SG in India. It’s a four-directional transformation gridding and healing tool with a unique cross-shape. This piece is carved from clear quartz and...
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  • Song of Lakshmi Perfume

    for prosperity and beauty

    If you missed out on May’s Full Moon tools that I’m working with in ritual tonight, no worries. You can still experience my Song of Lakshmi Perfume, which is now available on its own. This perfume was originally part of my Full Moon God and...
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  • Natural Trolleite

    to manifest and attract what you desire

    Manifest and attract what you desire with this Natural Trolleite from Brazil! Trolleite is a Third Eye Chakra that strengthens your intuition and helps you manifest what you need for your soul path and highest good. It’s a powerful manifestation stone that draws what you...
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  • Full Moon God and Goddess Series: Song of Anat Set

    for ritual with Athena

    Persistence and wisdom will get you anywhere you need to go and this Full Moon God and Goddess Series: Song of Anat Set can help. This is the sixth kit of our Full Moon 2021 series and we’re working with our next goddess, Anat. June’s...
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  • Azurite Psychic Priestess Obelisk

    for enhanced intuition

    Grow your confidence and intuitive gifts with this Azurite Psychic Priestess Obelisk from China. These pieces are super druzy, natural-sided specimens naturally carved into obelisks. Some may contain malachite, the most potent stone for feminine healing, in the matrix. Azurite is a Third Eye Chakra...
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  • Trauma Healing Stick Agate Sphere

    for self-love and acceptance

    If you’re recovering from something, this SUPER rare Trauma Healing Stick Agate Sphere will lovingly hold you and encourage greater self-love and acceptance. You won’t find anything like this on the market. Stick agate comes from Turkey and occurs when agate fills a cavity within...
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  • Spinel in Biotite Matrix Manifestation Obelisk

    Bring your dreams and desires to life with this Spinel in Biotite Matrix Manifestation Obelisk from India. Spinel is a stone of manifestation. It facilitates ease in the actualization process so you can go with the flow and allow energies to manifest through you. The...
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