• Persistent Turtle BeeBop

    for patience and perseverance

    This Persistent Turtle BeeBop is an enchanting talisman of patience, perseverance, protection, and evolution. This piece is part of our collection of glass pieces that we at Sage Goddess have come to refer to as “beebops.” They’re little pops of color, energy, and animal magic...
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  • Angel Aura Yellow Fluorite Manifestation Wand

    This beautiful Angel Aura Yellow Fluorite Manifestation Wand is a reminder that your angels and guides are always with you, helping you make your dreams a reality! It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with gorgeous yellow fluorite from China and is a potent tool...
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  • Hemium Quartz Attunement Sphere

    for energetic alignment

    Are you looking to align and open your energetic centers from Root to Crown? This Hemium Quartz Sphere is a beautiful and rare offering to work with for attunement, grounding, and ethereal connection. It’s custom-made just for Sage Goddess and the stone is from India....
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  • Tumbled Ruby: Small

    for passion and life force

    Express your desires and let your vibrancy be felt with this Tumbled Ruby from India! Ruby is a gem of passion, intensity, life force, and Eros love. It activates the Heart Chakra and helps heal emotional and physical issues of the heart, including heartache from...
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  • Tumbled Ruby: Medium

    for love and heart healing

    Are you ready to welcome love into your life or heal a broken heart? If so, this Tumbled Ruby from India is your medicine. Ruby is a gem of passion, intensity, life force, and Eros love. It activates the Heart Chakra and helps heal emotional...
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  • Rainbow Bridge Set

    for easing your grief

    Are you grieving a loss, or have you been grieving this year? So many of us have, and I can say from intense first-hand experience, loss is one of the most common and yet painful of all human experiences. It takes on many forms and...
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  • Labradorite Elemental Alchemy Pendant

    for transformation

    If you loved our Labradorite Elemental Alchemy Ring, wait until you experience the magic of this Labradorite Elemental Alchemy Pendant! It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with stones from India and is a powerful symbol of transformation and new beginnings. It features sparkling labradorite...
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  • Find Your Voice Crystal Quad

    for expressing your truth

    This Find Your Voice Crystal Quad aids self-expression by bringing a powerful influx of confidence, emotional healing, and authenticity. It’s the latest in our new series of custom Sage Goddess crystal quads and comes with tumbled amazonite, tumbled chrysocolla, tumbled Lemurian blue calcite, and an...
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  • Tumbled Blue Tanzanite: Small

    for Third Eye activation

    Channel wisdom from other dimensions and let yourself be transformed with this Tumbled Blue Tanzanite from Tanzania. Blue tanzanite is a powerful healing gem and Third Eye Chakra activator. It’s a Synergy 12 crystal that brings spiritual enlightenment as well as a stronger connection with...
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  • Clear Quartz Scanner Wand

    for amplified healing

    This Clear Quartz Scanner Wand was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with gorgeous clear quartz from Madagascar, and it’s a powerful tool to incorporate into magical work. Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification, programmability,...
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  • Amplified Protection Tourmalinated Quartz Bracelet

    This Amplified Protection Tourmalinated Quartz Bracelet is great for shielding on the go! Tourmalinated quartz is quartz with black tourmaline, two individually potent stones that, when together, bring magnified shielding power. Black tourmaline is the MOST protective stone you can work with. It shields, grounds,...
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  • Tumbled Fluorite: Medium

    for soul pathing

    What is your higher purpose – your divine role on this planet? This Tumbled Fluorite from China is for anyone seeking clarity and direction. Fluorite reveals your life purpose and helps with soul pathing, the process of creating a path for your future that’s in...
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  • Crystal Masters October 2021 Tools: Pink Petrified Wood Bead and Clear Quartz Perfume Bottle Bracelet

    Crystal Masters, if you missed out on the Crystal Masters October 2021 tools, you’re in luck! We’re offering this custom-made stretch Pink Petrified Wood Bead and Clear Quartz Perfume Bottle Bracelet again. In October, we’re channeling our ancestors and calling in their guidance, wisdom, and...
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  • Tumbled Angel Aura Quantum Otto: Small

    for healing

    This Tumbled Angel Aura Quantum Otto is full of celestial connection and healing plus major manifestation magic! Angel aura quantum otto is created when platinum, silver, and gold are bonded to quantum otto. With the iridescent reflection of brilliant rainbows, angel aura quantum otto stimulates...
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  • Blue Calcite: Small Tumbled

    for harmony and creative expression

    This Tumbled Blue Calcite is a soothing and peace-infusing crystal - straight from Madagascar. Blue calcite clears and activates the Throat Chakra and connects you to your highest truth. It makes it easy for you to articulate your deepest wisdom and express yourself safely. Its...
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  • Orange Calcite: Large Tumbled

    for unleashing your creativity and passion

    Unleash your creativity and passion with this amazing Tumbled Orange Calcite. Orange calcite is a stone of endurance, charisma, and sexual energy. It resonates with the Sacral Chakra and powerfully magnetizes creativity and passion. Work with this sexy gem to revitalize your life and bring...
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