• Soul Shift 2021 Gold Perfume

      to support your evolution

      My Soul Shift 2021 Gold Perfume is BACK to continue supporting your transformational journey! One of the supreme goals of any alchemist is to metaphorically turn lead into gold, and I’ve created this incredibly special blend to embody that kind of magic. This is the...
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    • Athena’s Oud Perfume Blend

      for spiritual wellness

      Bask in the calming and soothing energies of Athena’s Oud Perfume Blend. This potion was cut in-house with a jojoba carrier oil and infused with a clear quartz chip stone to support and expand its properties. If you’ve been with me for a while, then...
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    • Golden Healing Not-to-be-Named Generator

      for well-being

      Feel empowered, healed, and whole with this Golden Healing Not-to-be-Named Generator! This gorgeous generator is carved from golden quartz, which we sourced from India. It’s known by another name I can’t say (it’s trademarked), but you collectors know what I’m talking about. This gem is...
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    • Golden Healing Not-to-be-Named Sphere

      to boost wellness

      If you’re looking for a potent piece for your collection, this NEW Golden Healing Not-to-be-Named Sphere is your offering. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. This gem is carved from golden quartz, known by another name I...
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    • Light Code Channeling Stone

      for unlocking cosmic wisdom

      This Light Code Channeling Stone from China looks like it comes from another planet, and its energy is just as otherworldly as its appearance. This stunning gem is made up of natural hemimorphite, azurite, and gibbsite. Hemimorphite is one of the most powerful stones for...
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    • Diamond Code Perfume

      to bring you to higher dimensions

      Fear not! My Diamond Code Perfume, part of The Diamond Code Full Moon Set, is now available on its own! The last full moon of 2020 is in the sign of Cancer and we’re celebrating The Diamond Code Moon. This Cancer Full Moon, we recognize...
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    • Light Codes Class Part III: Transmuting Dark Codes

      Light codes are your access point to your soul’s unique gifts – they are your personal frequency transmissions, your cosmic fingerprints. Every living being is encoded at birth with a specific set of codes that they are to transmit during their lifetime; it is the...
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