• Primal Perfume with Amber & Styrax

    to connect with your animal guides

    Get in touch with your wild side with my Primal Perfume with Amber & Styrax. Handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, this seductive and grounding blend was created to connect you with the instinctual magic and messages of your animal guides. I believe we’re...
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  • Athena’s Favorite Bella Blue Face and Body Balm

    It’s BACK! Glowing goddess skin is just one step away with Athena’s Favorite Bella Blue Face and Body Balm. Handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, it’s amazing for blemishes and dry spots. This balm is gentle enough for your face yet moisturizing enough for...
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  • X Anniversary Cold Process Soap

    for celebration and self-care

    If you love my X Anniversary Perfume, you’ll love my X Anniversary Cold Process Soap! I use the cold process method to keep the essential oils in perfect condition – it’s worth the extra time and effort. This beautifully made soap was custom-made right here...
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  • Madre Tierra Mother’s Day Set

    for celebrating Gaia

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner – Sunday, May 8. This year at Sage Goddess, we’re honoring the Great Mother, our common Gaia, Pachamama, and Madre Tierra with this Madre Tierra Mother’s Day Set. She’s the mother who will never let you down or...
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  • Shield Perfume

    for safe and secure protection

    Are you a healer, a teacher, a mystic, a gypsy, a psychic, a reiki practitioner, a health-care provider, a mother, a lover, a friend, a sister, or a person who interacts with large crowds or groups of people on a regular basis? Then you need...
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  • Song Of Thoth Perfume

    for knowledge and wisdom

    If you missed out on my Full Moon God and Goddess Series: Song of Thoth Set, now’s your chance to get in on some of the magic! My Song of Thoth Perfume is an alcohol-based fragrance handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes...
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  • Limited Edition Calm Perfume

    for peace and tranquility

    Find peace and stillness with the return of my custom-made Limited Edition Calm Perfume. I created this blend for a customer and loved it so much I made a bottle for myself. Eventually, I had more requests for it and made it available at the...
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  • Rainbow Bridge Set

    for easing your grief

    Are you grieving a loss, or have you been grieving this year? So many of us have, and I can say from intense first-hand experience, loss is one of the most common and yet painful of all human experiences. It takes on many forms and...
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  • X Anniversary Infused Palo Santo

    to purify and believe

    Get ready to experience a super infusion of high-frequency vibrations along with potent centering and grounding with my X Anniversary Infused Palo Santo. This is the latest in our collection of signature infused palo santo sticks and features one of my newest scents: Limited Edition...
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  • Vision Quest Perfume for accessing deeper inner wisdom and awareness

    The creation of Vision Quest perfume began with the crafting of a very sacred incense blend - a flying incense, which I created in small batches for friends and family, those magical practitioners who were interested in vision questing. This potion is blended with notes...
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  • Preorder: Morpheus Embodiment Perfume for astral travel and dream recall

    What forms are taking shape in your dreams? What is on the other side of your awakened state? My Morpheus Embodiment Perfume is your guide to discovering the messages your dreams are ready to reveal. It will help you de-stress enough to quiet your mind,...
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  • Womb Perfume for returning back to source frequency

    This Womb Perfume blend was inspired to be created at Samhain for remembering, honoring, and healing our womb and our connection to our mother/Mother through the anointing of the belly button with maternal essential oils and absolutes. The pure and natural ingredients in this limited...
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