• Sari Silk Handmade Journal

      for writing what’s on your heart

      What’s on your heart? This Sari Silk Handmade Journal is here to listen. This beautiful journal was handmade in India and each one is unique. Sari means “strip of cloth” in Sanskrit and is worn by women throughout India. When the sari would start coming...
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    • Crystalpedia Guided Journal with Gemstone Sticker Pack

      to deepen crystal wisdom

      <p>This ring-bound journal features over 200 pages — each offering a dedicated space to record your reflections on individual crystals as you study them and work with them — and a clear pocket to hold your bookmarks, pens, and stickers.</p>
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    • Wintertime Magic Journal

      for reflections of the season

      The winter season is the perfect time for stillness, wisdom, and reflection. It presents us with a beautiful opportunity to surround ourselves with tranquil vibrations and let our spirits rest. This Wintertime Magic Journal is a great space to house your innermost thoughts and to...
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    • Envision the Future Goddess Notebook

      to initiate fresh ideas

      Put pen to paper and make your dreams a reality with this Envision the Future Goddess Notebook. Initially part of my Envision the Future Aquarius Full Moon Scrying Set, it’s now available on its own to help you magically chart your journey! This beautiful custom-made...
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    • Magical Sari Silk Journal

      for self-reflection

      Set aside a little time for self-reflection and self-care with this Magical Sari Silk Journal! This journal was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and is perfect for writing down your deepest thoughts, intentions, dreams, visions, and more. This Sage Goddess Alchemy Pen is the perfect...
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    • Mars and Root Chakra Journaling and Meditation Set

      for going after your heart’s desires

      Find the confidence and resolve to take action and go after your heart’s desires with this Mars and Root Chakra Journaling and Meditation Set. On Saturday, March 25, 2023, Mars enters Cancer, igniting passion and demanding your presence, making it a great opportunity to spend...
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    • Embossed Vegan Leather Peacock Journal

      for creativity

      Invoke the radiant creative spirit of the peacock as you write your thoughts and dreams in this Embossed Vegan Leather Peacock Journal. This journal was custom-made just for Sage Goddess for our 11th anniversary on July 25, 2022! It’s made with vegan leather and embossed...
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    • Earth Star Chakra Leather Journal

      to ground and heal

      Allow Mother Earth to anchor and support your innermost thoughts and dreams as you write with this Earth Star Chakra Leather Journal. This journal was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. It’s made with real leather that’s dyed black and embossed on the front and back....
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    • Not Today Doris Notebook

      for keeping the vibe high

      Bad energy? Not today, Doris! Keep the vibe high with this custom-made Not Today Doris Notebook, with exclusive Sage Goddess artwork featuring our ‘Not Today, Doris’ cover and a special pocket inside to hold loose papers. The pages are lined, detachable, and 3-hole punched. I...
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    • New Moon Intention Journal

      for writing your deepest desires

      This New Moon Intention Journal is perfect for writing down your thoughts, desires, and dreams and serves as a safe place for all you desire to start its manifestation journey. Custom-made for SG, it features black faux leather with the journal title, a crescent moon,...
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