• Bedside Intuitive Gemstone Reading Box for a magical gift idea

    If you are at a loss of ideas for gifts for your loved ones, or if you want a little surprise magic for yourself, look to this bedside intuitive gemstone reading box. Each one is made from beautiful polished wood, and displays an inlaid bronze...
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  • Natural Rainbow Onyx Ring Boxes to hold your precious gemstone jewelry

    I love using a carved gemstone box like this to hold my jewelry, because it infuses them with the energies of the stone and charges them accordingly. Onyx is a stone of inner strength, persistence, willpower, concentration, and positive thinking. It keeps you focused, re-aligning...
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  • Rosewood Abalone Flower Box to hold your beautiful jewels

    This Rosewood box is so, so beautiful and special. It is the perfect jewelry box, and also offers a convenient way for you to keep your other gems and treasures safe. These handmade boxes feature a stunning abalone shell flower inlay, as well as a...
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