• Blue Lotus Incense Sticks

      for elevated consciousness

      My Blue Lotus Incense Sticks are back! These incense sticks were lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with pure blue lotus essential oil for relaxation, stress relief, and insight. Blue lotus is enchantingly beautiful with an intoxicating fragrance that alters and elevates consciousness....
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    • Wolf Incense Sticks

      for intuition and pathfinding

      <p>We handcraft this incense right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and infused with none other than my Wolf Perfume – a rich combination of oakmoss for grounding, amber for balance, and Fraser fir for strengthening.</p>
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    • Black Obsidian Rose Incense Stick Holder

      for protection & devotion

      <p>This incense holder is hand-carved in the shape of a rose from black obsidian. Black obsidian keeps you protected as you cleanse your sacred space, while the black rose design represents new beginnings, deep love, and devotion.</p>
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    • Hamsa Hand Zebradorite Incense Holder

      for power and protection

      Call in powerfully protective energy as you purify your space with this Hamsa Hand Zebradorite Incense Holder, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. This gorgeous offering is carved from zebradorite and printed with four hamsa hands in gold-colored metal alloy foil. It features a small hole...
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    • Flower of Life Incense Holder for Divine Inspiration

      to purify and uplift

      Embrace the healing and uplifting magic of aromatherapy with this Flower of Life Incense Holder for Divine Inspiration! This incense holder is made from mango wood, which brings strength and good fortune, and brass, which cleanses the body of negative energy. It also features an...
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    • Feel Inspired Flower of Life Incense Holder

      Bring divine inspiration to your smudging practice with this Feel Inspired Flower of Life Incense Holder. This circular incense stick holder is made of brass and features a raised flower of life design on the top and beautiful engraved foliage on the bottom. Found throughout the...
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    • Golden Lotus Incense Stick Burner

      for enlightened beauty

      Bring beauty to your space while drawing in energies of enlightenment and rebirth with this Golden Lotus Incense Stick Burner. This gorgeous incense burner was made from copper and painted a golden color. The burner can be removed from its supporting bowl for you to...
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    • Triple Moon Magic Incense Holder

      for lunar wisdom

      Infuse your smudging practices with the energy of the Moon with this gorgeous Triple Moon Magic Incense Holder. This incense holder is from India, made with both wood and metal, and can be used with cone or stick incense. It’s perfect for pairing with your...
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