• Magical Tool Shelf with Intuitively Chosen Incense

    Add more beauty and enchantment to your home with this Magical Tool Shelf with Intuitively Chosen Incense, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. This wooden desk or table shelf comes with a white finish and is engraved with our Sage Goddess logo. You’ll also receive an...
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  • Velvet Display Pillow

    for storing your magical tools

    Looking for a cute and comfy place to house your wands, spheres, generators, and other gorgeous specimens when not in use? Then look no further than this Velvet Display Pillow. It features a beautiful velvet covering and is stuffed with wheat. This pillow is also...
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  • Moon Suncatcher

    for rainbow energy vibration

    The six faceted glass pieces in this gorgeous Moon Suncatcher refract light to vibrate rainbow energy in your sacred space. This piece is made of metal with brass-plated coloring and features an all-seeing eye and moon. Hang it near an open window and contemplate how...
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  • Rhinestone Sphere Stand

    for displaying your favorite gems

    This Rhinestone Sphere Stand was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and it provides a beautiful way to display your favorite gems. This metal alloy stand is adorned with intricately hand-set rhinestones, and it also makes a gorgeous tea light holder or offering dish. Choose from...
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  • Silver Electric Bakhoor Incense Burner

    to clear in style

    If you’re looking for a piece to help you clear your space in style, this Silver Electric Bakhoor Incense Burner is your offering! This gorgeous electric burner comes in a silver-tone with a black cord to plug into your outlet. Place your Sage Goddess oud...
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  • Brass Bowl Incense Burner

    for clearing your space

    Add beauty to your smudging practice with this Brass Bowl Incense Burner. This gorgeous solid brass burner from India features a hand-painted lid. Since ancient times, our ancestors have burned sacred herbs and resins, believing the sacred smoke to raise vibrations, dispel negativity, and assist...
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  • Tin Star Garland

    for beauty and harnessing celestial realm magic

    Bring the magic of the celestial realm to your space with this Tin Star Garland! This beautiful garland features 24 hammered metal stars in two different sizes with loops on each end for hanging. Exploring the wisdom of the stars opens a doorway into the...
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  • Boho Moon Garland

    for accentuating your space with Luna’s vibes

    Infuse Luna’s magic into your sacred space with this sweet Boho Moon Garland. This rustic boho decor features resin moons on a wooden stick tied with hemp string. Bohemian (boho for short) decor is an aesthetic lifestyle that highlights culture, casualness, uniqueness, and a relaxed...
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  • Silver and Copper Moon and Star Garland

    for celestial holiday magic

    Ring in the holiday season with the magic and mystery of the celestial realm with this Silver and Copper Moon and Star Garland. Perfect for hanging in your window, this garland features silver and copper moon and stars on a silver chain. Feminine in nature...
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  • Triple Moon Hanging Decor

    for lunar magic in your home

    Welcome in the mystique and magic of la Luna with this Triple Moon Hanging Decor. Featuring the triple moon symbol made from resin with a unique marble design, this hanging decor is perfect for indoor or outdoor home adornment. The Triple Moon symbol represents the...
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  • Crystal Shaped Fairy Lights

    for added whimsy and joy to your space

    With everyone home these days, why not add a little whimsy and joy to the place with these Crystal Shaped Fairy Lights? These are amethyst-like string lights and they feature a total of EIGHT different lighting modes, so you can set the mood however you’d...
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  • Goddess Pillow Cover Altar Mat

    for accenting your home decor

    Need to spruce up or change out your home decor? This Goddess Pillow Cover Altar Mat will be a perfect addition. These are hand-beaded pillow covers that can also be used as altar mats. They’re exquisite and no two are alike. The colors and beading...
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  • Heat Activated Constellation Mugs

    for a sky full of stars in your hand

    Indulge in a hot cup of your favorite drink with these Heat Activated Constellation Mugs and watch the sky light up in your hand. These black ceramic mugs with stars come to cosmic life when you add hot liquid; the zodiac constellations appear. Drinking coffee...
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  • Viracocha Wall Plates to honor the light within ourselves

    Grace your home with one of these incredible Viracocha Wall Plates! In pre-Inca tradition, the supreme creator, Viracocha, also known as Wiracocha, emerged from Lake Titicaca to bring light from darkness. He was the creator of the universe, sun, moon, stars, and all civilization. This...
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