• A-Grade Clear Quartz Faceted Hexagonal Pyramid

    to heal, purify, and magnify

    Bring in the healing and transformative energy of sacred geometry with this A-Grade Clear Quartz Faceted Hexagonal Pyramid. The stone for this carving was sourced in Brazil. A hexagonal pyramid has a hexagonal base with six isosceles triangular faces that meet at a point. Pyramids...
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  • Earth Star Chakra Hexagonal Pyramid

    for grounding

    Ground yourself in Gaia’s embrace with this Earth Star Chakra Hexagonal Pyramid. This powerful piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. It’s made from orgonite and features custom Sage Goddess artwork with the Earth Star Chakra symbol and a floating shungite sphere sourced from Russia....
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  • Tucson Exclusive: Faceted Hexagonal Amethyst Pyramid

    for peace

    This Faceted Hexagonal Amethyst Pyramid is a tool of incredible potency. This exclusive offering is part of our first-ever Sage Goddess Online Tucson Gem & Mineral Show! This is a faceted hexagonal based pyramid from Brazil! A hexagonal pyramid has a hexagonal base with six...
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  • Healer’s Gold Hexagonal Pyramid

    for healing, protection, and restoration

    This Healer’s Gold Hexagonal Pyramid holds some serious wellness, restoration, and sacred geometry magic. This piece is custom hand-carved with beveled bottoms, bringing even more beauty and enchantment to your space. It’s also anointed with my Master Healer Perfume for enhanced healing vibrations. Healer’s gold...
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