• Denver Unpacking: Natural Blue Hemimorphite

      for healing

      I’m SO excited to bring you another stunning find from the Denver Gem Show – this Natural Blue Hemimorphite! This gorgeous stone was sourced from China. Blue hemimorphite is an incredibly unique stone with a color that evokes a tropical sea or the western sky....
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    • Heal Your Relationships Blue Hemimorphite Sphere

      Encourage open communication with those closest to you with this custom Heal Your Relationships Blue Hemimorphite Sphere. This gem is super rare — I can never find much of it, so don’t hesitate! Blue hemimorphite brings overall well-being, soothing and balancing the emotional body. It...
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    • Light Code Channeling Stone

      for unlocking cosmic wisdom

      This Light Code Channeling Stone from China looks like it comes from another planet, and its energy is just as otherworldly as its appearance. This stunning gem is made up of natural hemimorphite, azurite, and gibbsite. Hemimorphite is one of the most powerful stones for...
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