• Strawberry Quartz Self-Care Sphere

    for soothing magic

    If you’re ready for healing and high vibrations, look no further than this Strawberry Quartz Self-Care Sphere. Strawberry quartz is full of tender, soothing magic and ready to bring more healing, joy, and optimism to your life. It inspires you to live joyfully and purposefully...
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  • Rhyolite Wishing Sphere

    for manifesting your deepest desires

    What’s in your heart? Make a wish upon this Rhyolite Wishing Sphere and watch your dreams come true. Rhyolite is a powerful wish-fulfillment stone and carrier of joy, hope, and wisdom. The healing, invigorating energy of this gem gives hope for the future, renewing you...
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  • Black Obsidian Protective Healing Spheres

    for safeguarding and security

    Secure and safeguard your space, in all directions, with these Black Obsidian Protective Healing Spheres! Black obsidian forms a shield of protective energy that abates and absorbs negative frequencies and blocks any psychic attack attempts. The sphere is an expression of unity, completeness, integrity, and...
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