• Protective Obsidian Coffins and Graveyard Dust for going beyond the Veil

      Recognize and embrace the wisdom of your mortality with these Protective Obsidian Coffins and Graveyard Dust! These gorgeous obsidian coffins come with our exclusive Graveyard Dust, handcrafted right here at SG headquarters with sacred intentions of protection, love of those who have passed, and guidance...
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    • February Mesa Class Refill for harnessing the magic of love

      I’m so excited to offer this February Mesa Class Refill! This is for anyone in SG Soul Shift looking to get another set of February supplies - or anyone who isn’t a member of SG Soul Shift but wants to get in on the February...
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    • Natural dalmation jasper chip stones for protection and self-awareness

      Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses is a gift, and these natural dalmatian jasper chip stones will help you see yourself a little more clearly. Dalmatian jasper also brings positive thinking and spiritual grounding. Working with this healing and protective stone reconnects you with...
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    • Natural Luxullianite Chip Stones

      for balance, stability, and self-acceptance

      <p>Luxullianite lowers stress and helps you move through change with ease. It brings understanding and clarity to accept and grasp the harder lessons of life, and move beyond fears to grow.</p>
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    • Soul Shift Stickers for honoring the beauty of transformation

      Are you ready to make the shift? These Soul Shift Stickers were inspired by Sage Goddess Soul Shift, my class program for 2019 - and they’re powerful emblems of the magic, wisdom, and power that lies in transformation. Featuring gorgeous artwork custom-made by my team...
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    • Stabilize Your Emotions Lazulite Specimens for emotional clarity

      There’s nothing wrong with being emotional. In fact, being emotional is a gift! Emotions provide insight and wisdom; they tune us in to the ever-changing currents of the Universe - and when you’re able to honor and master yours, possibility abounds. These Stabilize Your Emotions...
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    • Lemurian Quartz Portal Points for cosmic connection and ancient wisdom

      Description These Lemurian quartz portal points are like little windows into the past. Truly, I could meditate and gaze into their portals for hours – each one is like a doorway to incredible Higher Realm wisdom. Crystals like these are incredibly difficult to find, which...
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    • Beltane: The Goddesses of Fire Set for determination, creative power, fiery presence, and passion

      Beltane is truly one of my favorite days of the year! On May 1, we will celebrate this sacred Celtic tradition, and bask within its vibrant energies of fire, passion, fertility, and love. In honor of this extraordinary holiday, I’ve created this Beltane: The Goddesses...
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    • Tumbled Howlite for serenity, peace, and powerful Higher Realm connection

      As a mother, teacher, healer, wife, and CEO of a growing company, I know all too well what stress feels like. Tumbled howlite is one of my favorite tools to go to when I need a dose of nurturing gemstone energy. This magical stone eases...
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    • Strawberry Calcite for increased vitality

      Okay. This strawberry calcite is IN. SANE. I found these chunky, unparalleled specimens, and fell head over heels. They are straight from Mexico, each one banded by Mother Nature herself with distinct striations of gorgeous, bright pinkish red. The natural shape and beauty of each...
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    • Agatized Honeycomb Coral for Connection to Ancient Earth, Balance, and Ethereal Contact

      Coral is a potent healer, one that I’ve used for decades in my own healing work. It connects to our life force in powerful ways, drawing us into attunement with the natural world - and this coral, honeycomb coral, is an incredible form I have...
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    • Larimar Rings for embodying the magical energies of Atlantis

      Goddesses rejoice, I have a new talisman to serve as your queen ring. I was so thrilled when I found these finely crafted larimar rings. Set in genuine 925 silver, I only have a limited quantity to offer you, so they will go quickly. Larimar,...
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