• Mudra Balm

      to recharge and revitalize your spirit

      $15.20 with coupon code
      <p>My Mudra balm combines a moisturizing base of babassu oil, beeswax, cocoa beans, avocado butter, and shea butter with my Mudra Perfume. We blend it with many Indian attars imported directly from India, such as majmua attar, amber attar, kewra oil, and motia attar.</p>
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    • Healing Eudialyte Pocket Stone

      for ultimate wellness

      $7.60 with coupon code
      <p>Eudialyte is primarily a physical healer that calms the nerves and boosts vitality, but also an emotional healer of the heart. Working with eudialyte crystal is a powerful reminder that the heart space and the body are deeply intertwined.</p>
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    • The Garnet Cord Grounding Incense & Perfume Duo

      for Root Chakra magic

      $25.08 - $29.64 with coupon code
      <p>This Root Chakra duo was lovingly handcrafted with the intention of helping you ground your energy, call yourself into the present time, and feel more safe, confident, and secure in your body.</p>
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    • Tumbled Mugglestone

      for stability & confidence

      $1.52 with coupon code
      <p>Sometimes, as crystals grow and take form, their magic combines to create an even more potent and precious mineral. Mugglestone is one of these multi-gemstone creations! It’s a rarity that combines tiger’s eye, hematite, and red and yellow jasper in a single stone.</p>
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    • Dragonstone Generator

      for wisdom & power

      $14.44 - $22.04 with coupon code
      <p>Dragonstone is a protective gem that holds millions of years of Earth wisdom. Dragonstone channels all the strength, magic, and lore of its namesake. Work with this generator to step into your power and let your spirit soar.</p>
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    • Patchouli Wax Melts

      for passion & attraction

      $9.12 with coupon code
      <p>You know how much I adore patchouli! Its fragrant essence is said to be more powerful than any other plant essential oil. It’s centering and grounding, arouses passion, and attracts love, wealth, and abundance.</p>
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    • Tumbled Porcelain Jasper

      for support & grounding

      $1.52 - $3.04 with coupon code
      <p>This gem brings feelings of stability, support, harmony, and balance. It aids emotional healing, helping you release negative emotions and embrace peace and tranquility. This potent piece will help you feel more centered, serene, and aligned.</p>
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    • Tumbled Druzy Dendritic Sulfur Quartz

      for transformation

      $3.80 - $6.84 with coupon code
      <p>Sulfur quartz is transformative in nature. It’s a unique yellow variety of quartz that activates the Solar Plexus Chakra to help you push past any hesitation. This dendritic sulfur quartz is extra special because it contains beautiful fern-like manganese inclusions.</p>
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    • Seance Perfume

      for crossing the veil

      $26.60 with coupon code
      Close your eyes for a moment. What do you sense? When your whole world is shrouded in darkness, what sorts of feelings and visions come to life? My brand-new Seance Perfume is a portal to the unknown - a reminder of the magic and mystery...
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    • Tumbled Tibetan Quartz

      for healing & protection

      $2.28 - $3.80 with coupon code
      <p>Take care of both body and soul with this Tumbled Tibetan Quartz! Work with this profoundly healing offering to purify and renew your body, mind, and spirit whenever needed.</p>
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    • Tumbled Sugilite with Manganese & Richterite

      for deep healing

      $28.88 - $34.20 with coupon code
      <p>Sugilite raises your vibration and supports physical well-being. Manganese, which grounds this gem’s wellness energy and brings strength and stabilization. Richterite helps you understand the root cause of health issues.</p>
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    • Lunar Rose Quartz Meditation Stone

      for healing & alignment

      $6.08 with coupon code
      <p>Lunar rose quartz is rose quartz with inclusions of graphite. The presence of this balancing mineral gives it a beautiful smoky look, appearing to glow with lunar magic. This potent mix makes for a stone of love, healing, and transformation.</p>
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    • Gemmy Tumbled Green Kyanite

      for health & well-being

      $12.92 with coupon code
      <p>This beautiful piece isn’t just a talisman of deep healing and alignment. It’s also an incredibly high-quality specimen, shimmering with a gorgeous earthy hue. Green kyanite brings inner peace, heals chakras, and draws you inward to connect with your deepest truth.</p>
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    • Tree of Life Perfume

      for grounding, wisdom, and creative support

      $30.40 with coupon code
      <p>The Tree of Life is the roadmap of creation, the blueprint of our being. It’s the thing from which all creation rises and extends. We handcrafted this gorgeous blend with notes of jasmine, Spanish marjoram, and blood orange.</p>
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    • Divine Feminine & Masculine Gemstone Duo

      for duality & integration

      $3.04 with coupon code
      <p>Feminine and masculine do not exist without each other. Bringing them into balance has the profound power to heal ourselves and the Earth. This duo comes with compassion stone to activate the Divine Feminine and kambaba jasper to call forth the Divine Masculine.</p>
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    • Natural Actinolite Cluster

      for cleansing & protection

      $3.04 - $22.04 with coupon code
      <p>This enchanting, incredibly rare gemstone both cleanses and protects the Root and Heart Chakras. It’s known for creating space for grounding and heart healing. In fact, actinolite is the most powerful mineral for psychic protection, next to aegirine!</p>
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