• Prayer for Prosperity Intention Candle

      for attracting abundance & success

      <p>This offering is the newest addition to our line of simple, elegant candles for prayer ceremonies. Aesthetically beautiful, energetically pure, and emotionally soothing, they were specially designed for moments of quiet stillness.</p>
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    • Emerald 2.0 Perfume

      for good fortune & attraction

      <p>My Emerald 2.0 Perfume is here to help you manifest your desires! Handcrafted with notes of tulsi, green myrtle, and tuberose, it’s a blend that holds attraction magic that works with you to bring your dreams to life.</p>
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    • Liquid Luck Perfume

      for the luck of the Irish

      <p>If you wish to celebrate the spirit of this day and experience the luck of the Irish for yourself, then this offering is for you. This perfume is a fortune blend, with notes of bergamot for success and prosperity, mistletoe to uplift and protect, and green myrtle for fortune and good luck.</p>
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