• SG Moon Phase Essential Oil Case

    to hold your fave oils and perfumes

    This SG Moon Phase Essential Oil Case has been in the making for a year! And, we are so excited to finally offer it to you. This custom essential oil case can carry up to 12 bottles of perfume or essentials oils, the perfect holder...
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  • Seraphinite Sterling Silver Celestial Rings for angelic peace and protection

    These Seraphinite Sterling Silver Celestial Rings are an SG Exclusive, featuring an angel's wing with an angelic stone. Seraphinite is often called the Total Healing Stone because it brings in your guides and angels to direct the healing process. It's a Heart Chakra activator, named...
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  • Tumbled Purpurite

    for freedom and spiritual development

    This Tumbled Purpurite from South Africa is a crystal of freedom and spiritual development. Purpurite is a vibrant gem that inspires you to break free of negative patterns and learn to love the unknown. It activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, strengthening spiritual vision...
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  • Tumbled Malachite for empowerment of feminine energies

    Welcome in deep healing with this Tumbled Malachite. This stone is prized greatly by healers, especially those who work in issues of women’s health. It’s a stone that eases the pains of childbirth and ensures a healthy delivery. Each piece of malachite is a work...
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  • Sage Goddess Gift Cards

    for the Goddess in your life

    Not sure what to give the Goddess in your life? I’ve got you! Take the stress out of your decision-making with our Sage Goddess Gift Cards, and allow your loved one to choose their own adventure. We have beautiful gemstone assortments for the crystal lover...
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  • Goddess Hair Serum

    for beautiful, shiny, healthy locks

    My Goddess Hair Serum is BACK by popular demand! This Goddess Hair Serum was handcrafted here at Sage Goddess Headquarters to keep your hair healthy and help you bring out your inner goddess daily. You may recognize it – we used to call it Gypsy...
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  • SG Signature Perfume

    for invoking the Divine Feminine

    My SG Signature Perfume is BACK! And, as you may have guessed by the name, it’s my personal perfume. I’ve been wearing it ever since I first crafted it in deep secrecy at the spring equinox years ago. It’s blended with Super 7 crystals and...
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  • Athena’s Favorite Rose Facial Toner

    for radiant skin

    I’m so excited to announce the NEWEST addition to my favorites line. Athena's Favorite Rose Facial Toner is 100% organic and lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. This mist is a replenishing blend of white rose hydrosol, witch hazel, and rose essential oil...
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  • Dea Body Butter

    for soothing sensuality

    Enhance your sensuality while moisturizing your skin with my Dea Body Butter handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. Goddesses, this is the ULTIMATE body butter. Ultra feminine and empowering, this body butter is self-love, self-generosity, self-appreciation, and major self-confidence in a jar. Dea is...
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  • Amplification Clear Quartz Sphere Stand

    for magnified magic

    Magnify the magic of your favorite gemstone spheres and eggs with this gorgeous Amplification Clear Quartz Sphere Stand from India! This circular stand was hand-carved with love just for Sage Goddess from clear quartz - a stone of magnification and programmability. This stand will strengthen...
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  • North Star Perfume

    for finding your soul’s true path

    The North Star… our ancestors depended on its shimmering glow to navigate their paths as they explored the Earth. And like The Star card in the tarot, its message is: Abundance is always available when you walk the path of illumination with playful curiosity, hope,...
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  • Euthenia Balm

    for luxurious and enriching self-care

    There’s plenty of time left to manifest abundance and prosperity this month! And what better way to do so than with my Euthenia Balm blended right here at SG Headquarters? May is the PERFECT month for working with prosperity because it’s the fifth month of...
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  • Ama Balm

    to nurture and moisturize your skin

    My Ama Perfume inspired this gorgeous Ama Balm, named after the mother goddess. Ama is the creator of humankind, the primal force, and the source of all life. This beautiful balm represents the energy and synergy around this nurturing and maternal goddess. It will connect...
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  • Salem Perfume

    for spiritual growth and awakening

    Allow yourself to be captivated by the essence of Salem with my opulent Salem Perfume, custom-made right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. The entire city of Salem, Massachusetts is flowing with strong energy, especially in the cemeteries. Many of the 17th and 18th century headstones...
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  • Raven Perfume for deep knowledge, hidden messages, and intuition

    Connect to your deepest knowing, even to the depths of your shadow self, with my Raven Perfume. Originally a part of my Shadow Perfume Trio, this fragrance is so good, I had to offer it on its own. Handcrafted here at SG, this blend has...
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  • Coil Incense Burners

    for holding and burning your favorite SG incense

    These Coil Incense Burners are the perfect tools to hold and burn your SG coil incense and some of your other fave SG incense sticks and resins. These burners are lovingly adorned with the lotus flower, the sacred and universal symbol of enlightenment. They have...
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