• Smoky Quartz and Garnet Root Chakra Mala

      for stability

      $53.20 with coupon code
      Feel grounded and safe with this Smoky Quartz and Garnet Root Chakra Mala. This gorgeous offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with smoky quartz from Brazil and garnet from China. It’s also wrapped with beautiful brown and red sari silk. This mala is a...
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    • Nuummite Ancient Wisdom and Protection Sphere

      $34.20 - $49.40 with coupon code
      This Nuummite Ancient Wisdom and Protection Sphere is rare, dark, and mysterious. Nuummite is a stone of healing, safeguarding, and connection with the elders. It’s one of the oldest stones on the planet and holds the entire history of time within it. Nuummite is only...
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    • Release Perfume

      for clearing your energetic field before ceremony

      $25.08 with coupon code
      My Release Perfume is designed to help you release and transmute the energies that hold you back or keep you stuck on your soul journey. This perfume includes rare absolutes and essential oils and is infused with peridot and smoky quartz chip stones for Earth...
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    • Seraphinite Sterling Silver Celestial Rings for angelic peace and protection

      $63.84 - $65.36 with coupon code
      These Seraphinite Sterling Silver Celestial Rings are an SG Exclusive, featuring an angel's wing with an angelic stone. Seraphinite is often called the Total Healing Stone because it brings in your guides and angels to direct the healing process. It's a Heart Chakra activator, named...
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    • Tumbled Purpurite

      for freedom and spiritual development

      $3.80 with coupon code
      This Tumbled Purpurite from South Africa is a crystal of freedom and spiritual development. Purpurite is a vibrant gem that inspires you to break free of negative patterns and learn to love the unknown. It activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, strengthening spiritual vision...
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    • Tumbled Malachite Crystal

      for empowerment of feminine energies

      $2.28 with coupon code
      <p>Welcome in deep healing with this Tumbled Malachite Crystal. This stone is prized greatly by healers, especially those who work on issues of women’s health.</p>
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    • Sage Goddess Gift Cards

      for the Goddess in your life

      Not sure what to give the Goddess in your life? I’ve got you! Take the stress out of your decision-making with our Sage Goddess Gift Cards, and allow your loved one to choose their own adventure. We have beautiful gemstone assortments for the crystal lover...
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    • Salem Perfume

      for spiritual growth and awakening

      $30.40 with coupon code
      Allow yourself to be captivated by the essence of Salem with my opulent Salem Perfume, custom-made right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. The entire city of Salem, Massachusetts is flowing with strong energy, especially in the cemeteries. Many of the 17th and 18th century headstones...
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    • Medium Tumbled Moonstone

      for Goddess energy and empowerment

      $0.76 with coupon code
      Feel like the Goddess you are when you work with this Medium Tumbled Moonstone! These pieces include beautiful blends of cream, ivory, and gray-colored moonstone - let us choose the one meant just for you! Just like its name suggests, moonstone draws down the magic...
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    • Black Tourmaline Pan Protection Ring

      for energetic shielding

      $83.60 with coupon code
      This Black Tourmaline Pan Protection Ring is beautiful and one-of-a-kind, custom-made in India just for Sage Goddess. It took over 4 months to handcraft this ring with a process called pen-plating, in which each gem is individually worked into the intricate design you see today....
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    • Tourmaline Love Lock Band

      for security in matters of the heart

      $67.64 - $69.16 with coupon code
      Secure some affection with this Tourmaline Love Lock Band! This gorgeous ring features faceted mixed tourmaline with a variety of colors such as pink, green, and yellow - no two rings are alike and colors vary. This adornment was custom-made for SG and is set...
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    • Larvikite Heart

      for opening portals and manifestation

      $12.92 with coupon code
      Have a vision you want to manifest? This Larvikite Heart is here to help you make it happen. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone is sourced from India. Larvikite helps you focus your mind and manifest your visions by creating...
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    • Athena’s Aquamarine and Tanzanite Water Priestess Ring

      $83.60 with coupon code
      Awaken your Divine intuition with Athena’s Aquamarine and Tanzanite Water Priestess Ring from India. This ring is custom-made for Sage Goddess and features aquamarine and tanzanite gemstones set in .925 sterling silver. Aquamarine is revered as the crystal of the sea, with a calming and...
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    • Frankin-tizer Hand Cleaner Spray

      for purification and protection

      $8.36 with coupon code
      If you’re enjoying my line of hand cleaners, you’ll love my newest blend - Frankin-tizer Hand Cleaner Spray! With everything going on in the world and increased measures to ensure people are staying sanitized and safe, my on-the-go hand cleaner spray is another alternative to...
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    • Tanzine Aura Quartz Point

      for psychic awakening

      $3.04 - $5.32 with coupon code
      Awaken to deeper insight with this beautiful Tanzine Aura Quartz Point. Tanzine aura quartz is a powerful tool for spiritual and psychic awakening, and every magical practitioner, priestess, mystic, and truth-seeker will benefit from working with it. This crystal can assist in opening the Blue...
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    • Triple Moon Magic Sphere Stand

      for lunar vibrations

      $12.92 with coupon code
      Enjoy the powerful vibrations of La Luna with the return of this Triple Moon Magic Sphere Stand from India! This wooden engraved piece is perfect for your favorite spheres. We like spheres at Sage Goddess because they radiate energy in all directions – above, below,...
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