• Keepsake Jewelry Box

      filled with Third Eye treasures

      <p>This stunning silver-plated copper box is full of surprises — literally! Yours will arrive brimming with healing gems and helpful tools we hand-picked to activate and relax your Third Eye Chakra, bringing calm, clarity, and inner peace.</p>
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    • Athena’s Ultimate Holiday Picks

      for rare and exquisite gifts

      If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone special in your life (or yourself!), Athena’s Ultimate Holiday Picks are back! I hand-selected every one of these pieces myself, and I stand by their quality, magnificence, and magic. Each of these pieces is an incredibly...
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    • Tumbled Botswana Agate for drawing your muse and expressing your gifts to the world

      <p>Botswana agate is a gentle stone for transformation and manifestation. It helps you bring your unique gifts forward in the world and invokes the Muse to support you as you engage your creative spirit. All agates are gentle, kind spirits that offer you refuge and comfort.</p>
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    • Athena’s Well Offerings

      for growing your magical inventory

      You’ve been waiting and we’ve filled the Well up once again! If you’ve been following Sage Goddess for a while, you know just how special our well offerings are. These Athena’s Well Offerings are custom-made for you – literally. When you order, my team and...
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    • Blue Aragonite: Small Tumbled

      for patience and peace

      Can you use a bit more tranquility and calm in your life? Do you desire to experience a deeper connection to the angelic realms? This Tumbled Blue Aragonite from Pakistan is a beautiful and soothing gemstone that will bring you to a state of inner...
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    • Heart Healing Pink Opal Generator

      to transform in love

      This Heart Healing Pink Opal Generator was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in Peru and radiates beautiful heart-healing energies. Opal is a stone of transformation, power, and divine inspiration that channels past life memories and connects you with the will of the gods. This tranquil...
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