• Celestite: Small Tumbled

    for harmony and angelic connection

    It might feel like the heavens have opened up to sing for you when you work with this Tumbled Celestite from Madagascar! Celestite is alive with beautiful, angelic energies of tranquility, harmony, and peace. It possesses a soft, serene vibration that soothes and comforts the...
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  • Tumbled Kunzite

    for familial healing and heart-opening

    Start an open-hearted journey toward familial healing and spiritual tenderness with this Tumbled Kunzite from Brazil! Kunzite is medicine for the heart and soul. Kunzite helps to heal and open the heart, especially when it comes to family and lineage trauma. It’s a conduit that...
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  • Tumbled Snowflake Epidote

    for grounded manifestation

    Ground yourself and attract your desires with this beautiful Tumbled Snowflake Epidote. Snowflake epidote has the same properties as epidote with a high content of white quartz that adds amplification, purification, and healing. This stone is called snowflake epidote because the quartz with the epidote...
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  • Green Mint Agate: Large Tumbled

    for healing, rejuvenation, and protection

    Feel refreshed, protected, and healed with this Tumbled Green Mint Agate! Green mint agate is authentic agate dyed mint green for a layer of color magic. Agate is a deeply protective, powerful gem that comes in a variety of colors, from peaceful blue and purple...
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  • Pink Mangano Calcite Heart Healing Generator

    for empathy and love

    If you need medicine for a heartache, this Pink Mangano Calcite Heart Healing Generator is your offering. This stone carries tender energies that help heal the inner child and a broken heart. Pink mangano calcite reconnects you with lost or hidden parts of your spirit...
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  • Golden Quartz Point

    for divine wisdom and healing

    If you’re looking for deeper wisdom and greater healing, this Golden Quartz Point from Brazil is your offering. Some of these points have record keepers - perfectly formed triangles naturally imprinted on the side of the crystal. Some are etched with lines formed by water...
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  • Aqua Calcite: Small Tumbled

    to speak your truth from the heart

    Speak from the heart to encourage harmony and healing with this pretty Tumbled Aqua Calcite. This aqua calcite is from Pakistan and it’s a powerful combination of blue and green calcite. Blue calcite is the harmony stone, especially when it comes to harmonizing family energies....
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  • Compassion Stone Generator

    for emotional healing

    I’m SO excited to offer you this Compassion Stone Generator. I love compassion stone - I discovered this crystal and ordered two pieces for my Quan Yin altar, but this incredible gem is very difficult to find. After months of searching worldwide, my team was...
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  • Tumbled Red Sardonyx for happiness, mental clarity, and focus

    If you’re searching for meaning on your life path, this potent Red Tumbled Sardonyx is your offering. Red sardonyx is a stone that leads you to answers and helps you discover what you seek. It’s a blend of onyx and orange carnelian and each of...
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  • Iolite: Medium Tumbled

    for understanding what your heart truly wants

    Do you seek to know the true desires of your heart? If so, this Tumbled Iolite is your guide! Iolite guides you in understanding what your heart truly wants. It helps you see what lies ahead, so you can take the best course of action....
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  • Green Aventurine Personal Growth Sphere

    to help you blossom

    Blossom into the beautiful flower you are with this Green Aventurine Personal Growth Sphere! Green aventurine is the stone of growth – whatever it touches, flourishes. It boosts fertility, and if you’re looking to manifest more abundance in love, money, work, or creative projects, this...
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  • Natural Pink Mangano Calcite

    for heart healing and inner child work

    If you’re experiencing heartache or are healing from childhood trauma, this Natural Pink Mangano Calcite from Pakistan is the medicine you need. This gem carries tender energies that help heal the inner child and a broken heart. It reconnects you with lost or hidden parts...
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  • Natural Cognac Citrine

    for mega-manifestation

    Manifest all the good things with this Natural Cognac Citrine! This is Brazilian cognac citrine, SUPER special, and named after its coloring, which resembles high-quality cognac. This gem is a rare find, gorgeous and shadowy. It increases mental clarity and attracts prosperity into your life....
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  • Guardian Angel Copper and Clear Quartz Wands

    for celestial connection

    Call in your spirit guides with these Guardian Angel Copper and Clear Quartz Wands. These wands are so special – made of copper, they feature a faceted clear quartz point and an angel in clear quartz at the other end. Angels are our protectors and...
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  • Crystal Lotus Sealing Wax Stamp with Rose Quartz Handle

    Seal your letters and rituals with pure love with this Crystal Lotus Sealing Wax Stamp with Rose Quartz Handle. Technology is amazing, but there’s still magic in old-fashioned paper mail, and sealing your notes and letters with wax is a beautiful way to add intention...
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  • Egyptian Healing Power Pillar

    for renewal and emotional balance

    Are your emotions (or your mind?) getting the best of you? If so, this Egyptian Healing Power Pillar is the medicine you need. This limited edition obelisk is next in a line of gorgeous collectible Egyptian Power Pillars, custom-made for SG. This obelisk is carved...
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