• Beltane’s Fire Gemstone Trio

    for sparking passion

    $ 14.00
    Harness the sizzling energies of this season with Beltane’s Fire Gemstone Trio! This set includes fire opal, carnelian, and tangerine quartz - three gems for igniting your passion on this high holiday. Beltane is today in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s one of my favorite...
  • Moon Phase Gemstone Trio: Last Quarter

    for breakthrough

    $ 5.50
    I love moon magic and that’s why I created a collection of Moon Phase Gemstone Trios. This Moon Phase Gemstone Trio: Last Quarter will awaken your consciousness. The last quarter phase is the waning half-moon. It symbolizes the expanding consciousness about who we are and...
  • Keep It Cool 2020 Priestess Gemstone Set for keeping it together

    $ 17.00
    We all know 2020 has been beyond unusual and if you're a priestess, you’ve probably been called to step up to a greater level of service. The year is not yet over and to help you navigate the remainder of 2020, I created this Keep...
  • Archangel Palm Stones for guidance from our celestial guides

    $ 9.00$ 49.00
    These Archangel palm stones embody the love and wisdom we seek from the heavens, materialized in Mother Earth’s great gift – healing crystals. Angels are our protectors and messengers. They watch over us and offer guidance on the path of our Highest Good. With this...

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