• Larimar Rings for embodying the magical energies of Atlantis

    Goddesses rejoice, I have a new talisman to serve as your queen ring. I was so thrilled when I found these finely crafted larimar rings. Set in genuine 925 silver, I only have a limited quantity to offer you, so they will go quickly. Larimar,...
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  • Large Galena Geodes for journeying and deep soul repair

    These large galena geodes are your partner through any healing journeywork, past life regression, or soul retrieval. This is a big gun for my advanced practitioners. If you’ve been contemplating a shamanic journey to heal unresolved issues that block you from following your soul path,...
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  • Rising Phoenix Ritual Set to rise from the ashes of your past self

    The Phoenix of Greek mythology is a powerful symbol of rebirth. Associated with the sun, this majestic bird could live up to 1,400 years, and would cyclically burst into flame, only to be born again from its ashes. My newest ritual set harnesses these powerful...
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  • Gratitude Set for thankful energies in all phases of life

    Gratitude. Appreciation. The simple act of giving thanks, acknowledging to the Universe that you are truly and gratefully surrounded by blessings. It’s such a simple process and yet most of us struggle with gratitude; we get so caught up wishing for things we don’t have,...
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  • Sage Goddess Men’s Fragrance Sample Trio

    You’ve asked, and here it is at last: A trio of samples for men. You choose the scents you want to anoint yourself, or your man with, and let me do the rest. Each will arrive in a 1 mL glass vial, approximately 10-15 drops...
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