• Star and Moon Magic Bracelet

    for celestial vibrations

    $ 33.00
    Honor your inner cosmic goddess with this adorable Star and Moon Magic Bracelet from India, custom-made with love just for you. It features stars and moons carved out of cubic zirconia, set in brass with a 24k gold overlay. The Moon is the closest astronomical...
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  • Red Aventurine Strength and Recovery Bracelet

    $ 8.00
    If you need to get through something challenging, work with this Red Aventurine Strength and Recovery Bracelet from India to help you stay alert and determined on your journey. Red aventurine is the ultimate “can-do” stone that clears trauma and releases stored toxins. It’s also...
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  • Golden Sheen Obsidian Shadow Integration Bracelet

    $ 11.00
    This Golden Sheen Obsidian Shadow Integration Bracelet from Mexico is the perfect tool to work with when doing your spiritual work, especially around shadow integration. Our shadow is the collective part of us that we repress – those behaviors, patterns, and tendencies that take us...
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  • Morganite and Aquamarine Heart Healing Bracelet

    $ 18.00
    This Morganite and Aquamarine Heart Healing Bracelet is a gorgeous piece of sacred adornment! It’s stretchy and crafted with tumbled morganite and aquamarine gems, two of the most magical and gentle-essence stones. Morganite is a crystal of sovereignty and compassion that’s considered the queen of...
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  • Athena’s Topaz Tennis Bracelet

    for conscious co-creation with Source

    $ 149.00$ 299.00
    Create the life of your dreams from a place of conscious connection with Source with Athena's Topaz Tennis Bracelet! This divine offering was custom-made, just for SG, and features faceted white topaz crystals. It’s set in .925 sterling silver and comes with our SG heart...
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  • Tiger’s Eye Empowerment Bracelet

    for inner strength and protection

    $ 14.00$ 18.00
    The world is your oyster with this Tiger's Eye Empowerment Bracelet! This piece looks great on everyone and features gold, blue, and red tiger’s eye beads for heightened insight, grounding, and wisdom. Tiger’s eye resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, making it a powerful ally...
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  • Smoky Quartz Perfume Bottle Bracelet

    for aromatherapy on the go

    $ 49.00
    I love gemstones, and I love perfume - and these two forces come together beautifully in this Smoky Quartz Perfume Bottle Bracelet. This bracelet features smoky quartz, a perfume bottle pendant, and metal detail with a copper-gold overlay. This unique piece lets you take your...
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