• Noreena Jasper Sphere

      for freedom and adventure

      Ready to break from convention and embark on your own path? Break down the barriers holding you back with this Noreena Jasper Sphere! We had this beautiful sphere custom-made just for Sage Goddess to channel the energy of Eve — the Judeo-Christian First Woman who...
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    • Limited Edition Forbidden Fruit Perfume Gift Set

      for liberation

      Indulge a little and set yourself free with my new Limited Edition Forbidden Fruit Perfume Gift Set. This trio of perfumes was inspired by my recent dream, in which Eve ate fruit from the tree of knowledge — but not the traditional apple! The reality...
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    • Rhinestone Colibri Brooch

      for joy and freedom

      Let your soul take flight with this beautiful Rhinestone Colibri Brooch! This stunning piece features a hummingbird in flight, made from gold-colored metal and vibrant red, blue, and white rhinestones. Colibri is Spanish for ‘hummingbird,’ and this sacred animal symbolizes joy, pleasure, and lightness of...
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    • Tumbled Noreena Jasper

      for embracing new experiences

      Find the power to break free from all that is holding you back with this Tumbled Noreena Jasper sourced from Australia. Noreena jasper was named after the property where it was first found — Noreena Station in Western Australia. This beautiful stone strengthens, heals, comforts,...
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    • Noreena Jasper Charging Plate

      to release your limitations

      Infuse your jewelry and magical tools with the freeing energies of this exquisite NEW custom-made Noreena Jasper Charging Plate! This gorgeous offering features a slice of Noreena Jasper, with edges elegantly painted in a golden hue. Noreena jasper is a newer stone from Western Australia....
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    • Wild Woman Perfume

      for freedom and new experiences

      Let your hair down and live free of inhibitions with my Wild Woman Perfume. This freeing blend was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes of vanilla, yuzu, and tangerine to help you open up to new experiences and tap into the wild...
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    • Noreena Jasper Generator for Freedom

      to release limitations

      Indulge in the sweet taste of freedom with this custom-made Noreena Jasper Generator for Freedom. Let it be your liberating companion, helping you break free from anything that holds you back! Noreena jasper is a newer stone from Western Australia. It was named after the...
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    • Natural Purpurite

      for spiritual growth and alignment

      Grow into your spiritual potential with this gorgeous Natural Purpurite. Purpurite is a stone of freedom and spiritual development that inspires you to break free of negative patterns and learn to love the unknown. With this particular natural stone, the color does get on your...
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    • Tree of Peace Selenite Tower

      for serenity and wisdom

      Activate your Crown Chakra and channel the tranquil radiance of the higher realms with this Tree of Peace Selenite Tower! This custom-made selenite tower is wrapped with intricate metal alloy branches, with amethyst root crystals affixed to the branches. Selenite is a peaceful Crown Chakra...
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    • Green Moonstone Harmony Slice

      for alignment

      Invoke spiritual rejuvenation and alignment with this Green Moonstone Harmony Slice. Green moonstone brings a sense of restoration and fulfillment. Moonstone, in general, is a variety of feldspar, and green moonstone gets its heart-healing hue from inclusions of chlorite, hornblende, and pyroxene bringing additional energies...
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    • Clear Quartz with Amethyst Heavenly Tower

      for Source connection

      This Clear Quartz with Amethyst Heavenly Tower is so beautiful – clear quartz with amethyst root crystals, and the stone is sourced from Brazil. Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification. It...
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    • Athena’s Dream Ring

      for connecting with Source

      This Athena's Dream Ring isn’t just GOREGOUS - it’s an extraordinary tool for coming into contact with Source and your angels and spirit guides. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and is a replica of a piece I own and LOVE! This beautiful two-tone...
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    • Freedom and Possibility Palomino Picture Jasper Sphere

      This Freedom and Possibility Palomino Picture Jasper Sphere is a first for Sage Goddess, custom-carved just for us with a new and rare form of picture jasper that’s only found in southern Oregon. Originally, everything coming out of this mine was believed to be wild...
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    • Natural Blue Hackmanite for a sense of belonging and happiness boost

      If you’re ready for joy and connection, this Natural Blue Hackmanite is for you! Blue hackmanite is a form of sodalite that contains sulfur. This stone is known as a “chameleon crystal” because it often expresses tenebrescence - it turns colors when exposed to the...
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