• Priestess Ceremony Quartz Wands for invoking spiritual wisdom

    These Priestess Ceremony Quartz Wands embody so much magic. These rare gems feature red quartz covered in azurite and malachite, and they’re grounding and awakening; stabilizing and expansive. These are all natural and of the Earth, so there will be variations – each one is...
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  • Feminine Empowerment Malachite Bracelet

    for healing

    Harness powerful healing with this Feminine Empowerment Malachite Bracelet. This stretch bracelet was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and features malachite and a golden SG logo bead. Malachite is the most powerful stone for feminine healing. It’s known as the Doula Stone because it eases...
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  • Magical Healing Malachite Cats

    for feminine strength and mystery

    We LOVE cats in the Sage Goddess community, and these Magical Healing Malachite Cats are adorable and powerful talismans! Cats are mysterious creatures, known to walk between our world and the spirit realm. These pieces are carved from malachite, the most potent stone of feminine...
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  • Tucson Exclusive: Quantum Quattro Master Healer Obelisk

    Renew your body, mind, and spirit with this Quantum Quattro Master Healer Obelisk! We JUST unpacked this beauty from the Tucson Gem Show, and the stone was sourced from Peru. Quantum quattro is a powerhouse combination of chrysocolla, shattuckite, smoky quartz, and malachite. This incredible...
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  • Azurite and Malachite Intuitive Healer Stone

    Use your powerful intuition to heal with this Azurite and Malachite Intuitive Healer Stone from China. This gorgeous gem is a natural azurite and malachite druzy specimen. It’s a stone that will help you use your intuition to guide the healing process. Azurite is a...
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  • Femelder Council Perfume

    for honoring your matrilineal

    For the first time since its inception, I’m launching a complete 2.0 version of Elder Council Perfume: Femelder Council Perfume. This version is for your female line, your matrilineal, honoring the female forces of creation that conspired to bring you to life. They offer you...
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