• Cats, Cats, Cats!

    for feline fun, mystery, and magic

    You asked and we delivered! If you’ve looked across your gem collection lately and thought, “Something’s missing,” these Cats, Cats, Cats! are for you. You know my crystal tray isn’t complete without my favorite plastic cat and now you can have one of your very...
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  • Prehnite with Epidote Cat Paws for self-care and healthy boundaries

    These Prehnite with Epidote Cat Paws will help you maintain boundaries and practice self-care while facilitating healing for others. Prehnite grounds your energy into the heart of Gaia, connecting and encouraging a link between your heart and the heart of Mother Earth. Epidote is a...
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  • Palo Santo Cats for aromatic healing and feline magic

    How precious are these Palo Santo Cats? Palo santo is a sacred wood that grows in South America. When Spanish monks discovered its clearing and healing properties, they named it Palo Santo which means “holy wood.” The sweet and mellow aromatic oils of palo santo...
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  • Black Onyx Cats for calming stress relief and feline magic

    I absolutely LOVE black onyx for its soothing energy and stress relieving properties. These little black onyx cats from Peru have so much magic. Made from the best-grade carved onyx, they're the perfect size to keep on your altar or near your bedside. If cat...
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