• Tumbled Sunset Sodalite

    for releasing fear

    Sunset sodalite is the most powerful stone for releasing fear. It also promotes and enhances intuition, presence, leadership, and creativity. Do you struggle with making confident, clear decisions? Do you find yourself double-thinking your ideas during work or creative projects? Sunset sodalite is a stone...
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  • Tumbled Strawberry Calcite

    for lifting your spirit

    I’m so excited to offer you this Tumbled Strawberry Calcite from Pakistan. This Root and Heart Chakra gem brings grounding, vitality, and emotional stability. Strawberry calcite is detoxifying and a potent energy cleanser, clearing emotional blockages and promoting positivity. Work with this offering to allow...
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  • Natural Red Aragonite Cluster

    for energy healing

    This Natural Red Aragonite Cluster from Morocco is a stone for the earth healers. This small but mighty cluster is bursting with cool energy. Red aragonite is stable, beautiful, and delicate. And it’s the perfect stone to work with for some gentle grounding and healing....
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