• Denver After Dark: Natural Faden Quartz Cluster

      for growth

      $17.52 - $24.82 with coupon code
      Celebrate and accelerate growth with this RARE Natural Faden Quartz Cluster — another find from the Denver Gem Show! We’ve never had faden quartz clusters at Sage Goddess before, so I was extra excited when I found this stunning offering. Faden quartz grows in what’s...
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    • Denver Unpacking: Relationship Healing Natural Faden Quartz Pendant

      $21.17 - $28.47 with coupon code
      The Denver Gem Show treasures just don’t stop! If your closest connections could use some tender loving care, this Relationship Healing Natural Faden Quartz Pendant is here to help. Made with .925 sterling silver, this pendant features a stunning natural faden quartz and comes with...
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