• Natural Moldavite

    to fast track your soul’s development

    $ 24.00$ 64.00
    Signal your soul’s development into the fast lane with this Natural Moldavite from the Czech Republic. Moldavite is the gem of extraterrestrial wisdom and communication and is a Soul Star Chakra stone. It assists with astral travel and accelerates spiritual growth. Moldavite carries serious, next-level...
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  • Libyan Tektite Astral Travel Necklaces

    for interdimensional intelligence

    $ 950.00
    Tap into the intelligence of the cosmos with these mysterious Libyan Tektite Astral Travel Necklaces. Tektites are glass-like objects created by meteorite collisions with terrestrial rocks. Libyan tektites are the rarest of all tektites, including moldavite. They’re over millions of years old, formed in the...
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  • Libyan Tektite Astral Travel Rings for interdimensional awareness

    $ 172.00
    If you’re looking to up the ante on the heights and dimensions you experience, then these Libyan Tektite Astral Travel Rings are your offering. Tektite is extraterrestrial matter that is formed when a large object encounters the Earth’s surface, such as during a meteor shower....
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  • King Tut’s Libyan Tektite Pendants for regal, interdimensional alignment

    $ 149.00
    Channel the energies of the cosmos and Egyptian royalty with these otherworldly King Tut’s Libyan Tektite Pendants! A rare and gorgeous stone of astral travel and interdimensional awareness, Libyan tektite activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, centering you with confidence so that you can safely move...
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