• Polished Ammonite

      for evolution & ancient wisdom

      $37.24 - $75.24 with coupon code
      Channel powerful ancient wisdom with this Polished Ammonite. Are you familiar with ammonite? Containing over 400 million years of Gaia’s history and knowledge, ammonite is a spiral-shaped fossilized shell that symbolizes continual evolution and growth. It’s a multipurpose stone that can be worked with in...
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    • Red Flash Fire Ammonite

      for life force stimulation

      $15.20 - $41.80 with coupon code
      If you’re looking to energize your life force - this Red Flash Fire Ammonite from China is your gem best friend. Naturally iridescent, this gorgeous piece flashes with flames of red. Within it you’ll find ancient wisdom, grounding, healing, and revitalization. Fire ammonite stimulates life...
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    • Peace and Beauty Flower Agate Obelisk

      for serenity

      $6.84 - $37.24 with coupon code
      Call the serene energy of Mother Nature into your home with this Peace and Beauty Flower Agate Obelisk. Flower agate is a stone of tranquility and balance that reminds you to connect to the beauty of the moment. It’s a type of agate with opaque...
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    • Embrace Transformation Butterfly and Dragonfly Zircon Necklace Set

      $60.04 with coupon code
      This Embrace Transformation Butterfly and Dragonfly Zircon Necklace Set is here to support and guide you through any period of evolution! It contains two sacred adornments featuring powerful spirit animals representing change and transformation – butterfly and dragonfly. It also includes three custom purple velvet...
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    • Polished Amphibole Quartz

      for spiritual evolution

      $2.28 - $3.80 with coupon code
      If you’re ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey, then this Polished Amphibole Quartz is the offering for you! Amphibole is a special variety of quartz with mineral inclusions that look like wispy angel wings, and this stone has been beautifully polished...
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    • Tumbled Agatized Coral

      for harnessing ancient energies

      $2.09 with coupon code
      Harness the ancient energies of earth and sea with this Tumbled Agatized Coral. Agatized coral, also known as fossilized coral, forms when agate, a form of chalcedony, replaces the minerals in coral. This fossilized stone was once a living, breathing sea creature – and now,...
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