• Gentle Clearing Smudge Bundle

      for energetic cleansing

      Looking for some potent yet tender cleansing for yourself and your space? Look no further than this NEW Gentle Clearing Smudge Bundle, handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. This beautiful smudge bundle is meant to purify unwanted energies and amplify positivity. It’s made with...
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    • Master Healer Body Butter

      for rejuvenation

      Bring powerful restoration to your body, mind, and spirit with my Master Healer Body Butter! This body butter was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with skin-nourishing ingredients like organic aloe, coconut oil, rose flower water, and MORE. It’s infused with my Master Healer...
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    • Cord Maintenance Perfume Duo

      for healthy relationships

      Within every relationship, even the healthiest connections, energetic cords are formed — and they need to be maintained. Keeping your relationships clean and full of good energy is easier than ever with this Cord Maintenance Perfume Duo! This offering comes with one Cord Narrowing Perfume...
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    • Wellness Perfume

      for fortifying mind, body, and spirit

      It’s so important to take proactive measures to maximize your well-being – and that’s why I created my Wellness Perfume! This perfume was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with two of my favorite wellness-bringing notes: Eucalyptus and lavender, to revitalize and strengthen your...
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