• Crystal Garden Flower Pot

    for spiritual growth

    Honor your spiritual growth and let your intentions bloom with this adorable Crystal Garden Flower Pot! This terracotta pot was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and features gorgeous clear quartz crystals and elestial amethyst points “growing” out of it. Clear quartz is the most pervasive...
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  • Partial Elestial Scepter Amethyst Overgrowth Point

    If you’re ready to amplify your connection with Source and the celestial realms, this Partial Elestial Scepter Amethyst Overgrowth Point from Brazil is your gateway. These pieces are super special and unlike anything we’ve been able to find on the market! These are clear quartz...
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  • Full Moon Altar Plate with Perfume and Stone Set for illumination

    The full moon is a sacred time when we honor the completion of a monthly cycle. The medicine of the full moon is this: What is empty can always fill again. And conversely, what is full must empty at some point. Change is the only...
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  • Violet Flame Natural Elestial Amethyst for clarity and attunement

    These times are calling on greater peace to transition through the murkiness and uncertainty. This Violet Flame Natural Elestial Amethyst is the perfect talisman to work with for greater connection and a sense of calm while navigating the murky terrains. Amethyst is a Crown Chakra...
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