• Shield Perfume with Free Dragon Protection Bottle for security

    You’re sure to feel safe and secure with this Shield Perfume with Free Dragon Protection Bottle offering! This set features my Shield Perfume and a free beautiful ceramic bottle with a dragon wrapped around it. Perfect for holding oils or even chip stones, the ceramic...
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  • Malachite Dragons for rekindling inner fire and healing

    Surround yourself with the potent, healing energy of these Malachite Dragons and reignite your inner fire! These pieces are carved from malachite, the most potent stone of feminine healing. It’s deeply purifying and protecting. Dragons are known as great winged beasts who flew through the...
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  • Dragon Perfume and Pendant Duo for transformation

    for power and transformation

    You’ve been asking for it, and Dragon Perfume is back! This time, with a carnelian perfume bottle pendant, engraved with the fire element symbol. These pendants were custom-made just for Sage Goddess, perfect for infusing you and your perfumes with ultra firepower. My Dragon Perfume...
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