• The Broom Incense

    for tapping into ancient wisdom

    The Broom Incense is BACK with the same great blend in a gorgeous bottle. Whenever I burn this incense, I’m reminded of why I love autumn. The opulent scents associated with this time of year transport me to the Old Ways of medicine women of...
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  • Boom Shiva Ritual Incense

    for divination and astral travel

    Boom Shiva is BACK in the shop! Whoop whoop! My Boom Shiva Ritual Incense is a magical herb blend that contains ingredients used for centuries to support astral travel, divination, and vision quests. Those of you who’ve been SG customers for a while probably know...
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  • Itzamná Incense

    for accessing ancient wisdom and knowledge

    My Itzamná Incense was created to honor Itzamná, Ruler of the Heavens, and one of the most important gods in Mayan mythology. He was known as the son of Hunab Ku, the god of creation. Itzamná was considered a hero in Mayan culture and recognized...
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