• Quintessence Balm

      for expanded consciousness

      <p>This moisturizing balm was hand-crafted here at SG and is infused with my expansive Quintessence Perfume. It features uplifting notes of blue tansy, frankincense, neroli, Bulgarian rose, palo santo, white lavender, acacia absolute, and davana.</p>
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    • Persephone’s Desire Perfume

      for awakening passion

      Embrace your duality and descend into your deep, sexy magic with my Persephone's Desire Perfume. This brand-new blend was hand-crafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with the story of Persephone in mind. We’ve made a few Persephone-inspired perfumes in the past but this fragrance...
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    • Grace Perfume

      for gratitude and blessings

      Ease into a state of flow and harmony with my Grace Perfume. This serene and uplifting blend is made up of four different perfumes, created with intention right in an actual cauldron! When I mixed these four blends, I fell in love with the combination...
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    • Ka Perfume

      for honoring the magic of ancient Egypt

      Ah, Ka Perfume. How can I even begin to describe Ka? The recipe for this blend came to me in a vision, and the result was pure and potent magic. The ancient Egyptians believed the soul has three parts: Ka (vital essence), ba (personality), and...
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    • Limited Edition Quintessence Perfume

      a pure and high vibe EO blend to connect with the essence of the stars and soul

      In ancient Alchemy, which was the first form of science and chemistry, the Quintessence was the essence of all matter, all creation, and all manifestation. Quintessence comes from the Latin meaning “fifth essence.” The 5th element, otherwise known as ether, is both all-encompassing and not...
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