• Master Healer Gemstone Duo

    for renewal

    Healers need healing, too – which is why I’m so excited to share this Master Healer Gemstone Duo with you. This offering comes with two potent stones: Natural danburite for enlightenment, energetic purification, and healing and natural chrome verdite in schist for ancient wisdom, vitality,...
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  • Bending Time Yule Kit

    for liberation and presence

    What if I told you that time is an illusion and you have the power to bend it? I created my Bending Time Yule Kit to accompany this year’s Yule Ritual and help you shift your perception of time, free yourself from imagined constraints, and...
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  • Divine Strength Titanium Aura Danburite

    for powerful healing

    Summon your inner power as you seek celestial healing with this Divine Strength Titanium Aura Danburite. Titanium aura danburite is created when danburite is permanently bonded with titanium. Danburite is a master healer that brings divine compassion. This Synergy 12 crystal is also known as...
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  • Healing Hexagon Gemstone Tray

    for wellness and sacred geometry magic

    Infuse your home and creative space with some potent wellness and sacred geometry magic with this Healing Hexagon Gemstone Tray. This tray will make a perfect addition to your altar or could even be placed on your desk, nightstand, or armoire to hold your sacred...
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