• Tucson Exclusive: Shaman’s Dream Stone Wisdom Line Heart

      Access deeper insight with this Shaman’s Dream Stone Wisdom Line Heart. We found this exclusive offering at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and the stone was sourced from Brazil. Shaman’s dream stone, also known as lodolite or garden quartz, holds an array of healing...
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    • Brown Cat’s Eye Earth Star Chakra Heart

      for grounding

      Root yourself into Gaia’s embrace with this Brown Cat's Eye Earth Star Chakra Heart. Cat’s eye is a man-made stone that contains the chemical properties of quartz and other natural glass. It’s composed of ulexite, which is spun glass fibers fused together and then machine-cut...
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    • Angel Aura Dumortierite Heart

      for divine inspiration

      Heighten your intuition with this Angel Aura Dumortierite Heart. Angel aura dumortierite is created when platinum, silver, and gold are bonded to dumortierite. With the iridescent reflection of brilliant rainbows, it stimulates both body and spirit through its powerful vibrations. Dumortierite is a stone of...
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    • Indonesian Azurite Healing Priestess Heart

      Ready to awaken your innermost psychic abilities? Then this Indonesian Azurite Healing Priestess Heart is your offering! This powerful Third Eye Chakra opener was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and, as the name suggests, the stone was sourced from Indonesia. Azurite is a crystal of...
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